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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Our Heritage.....

Lately my daughter has been wanting to learn German....and not just the language but the cooking part of it too. So when my mom found out, she decided to make a German meal for us all....something we do every so often, but I think we should do a little more often!
My mom, along with Molly and dad....worked all afternoon cooking for 12 hungry people.....

Did it ever bring back memories for me! My granparents used to make us German food every so often when we visited. And when I closed my eyes it felt as if I was back there again.

My mom not only shared a German meal with us, but an entire "experience" as well. She filled us in on bits of history as we ate, and even had German music playing in the background.

A persons' heritage is so very important...and I truly feel is something good and priceless to hold on to and pass on. I'm grateful my parents have taught us this, and work so hard to do so.

Your heritage is so very important, because it makes you...YOU!

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LindyLou said...

MMMMMMMMMMM!!!! Love your Mom's cooking!!!!!!

pig parade said...

I love German food!!!!! It's soooooo yummy!!!:):)