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Monday, August 8, 2011

Triathlon~the places it takes me

(taken on a rest stop during one of my long training rides)

I once read a comment on Triathlons and why people do them. It went something like this:

"From the outside, you don't understand it.
From the inside- you can't explain it."

And I really can't explain why I love this sport of Triathlon like I do.

No- I am not good at it, I may be average on a good day.
No- I don't get paid, I pay!
Yes- it can be hard and painful.
Yes- I am tired after I do a run and swim all by 7:30 on a Monday morning.
And on race day~ I don't particularly like getting kicked, hit, and swam over.
Race day also puts my stomach in knots.

So what's so great about this sport?
Why do triathlon people put themselves through this...and for what?

I can't explain it.

Except that at the end of a workout I feel better about the world than when I started.
I like having goals to work towards.
I like trying to get better.
I like the battle I conquer in my head every time I go one more mile.
And~~~ I think the best part is
it's the places it takes me.

On my bike I see things I don't get to see from my front porch, {and catch dragonflies in my helmet}.
I see for miles and miles with no roof above my head.

(open road on an early morning cycle)

On a run I watch sunrises and sunsets, {and cross paths with animals normally hiding from people during the day}.
And when I do Hill Runs...I get to see the sun come up over and over again.
(early morning runs)

My open water swims have allowed me to see the beach from a different angle, {and to experience all different temperatures of water,  sizes of waves, and come face to face with seaweed.}
(my swimming pool)

Races take me to different towns and cities.
I meet people there who also don't understand why it is they do what they do either.
And that part makes me feel a little less crazy:)
And all the while- {if I bring my cell phone}- I get photo opportunities I would miss otherwise;)
I think we all have our Get-Away thing.
It may not be Triathlons. But it's something.
And often  people don't get why you do what you do.

But deep down you know.....
It's because of the places it takes you.


A Prelude To... said...

AMEN! I loved THIS post!

TexWisGirl said...

awesome post, dawn.

loved the hill runs watching the sun rise over and over again. you are poetry in motion...

this free bird said...

I can only imagine how deep you have to dig to complete too. The sense of accomplishment has to be wonderful :)


Farm Girl said...

So true, I really like that, "It's because of the places it takes you."
I guess that is why I do what I do.
Thanks, I needed that,

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

It is so hard to explain. Course I don't do tris, but I know what you mean. After 8 days off (the hubby was out of town) I was thinking about it when I was finally out running again. It felt so mentally soothing - like washing down the brain with cool mint. Written like a true running junkie, right?

Clint said...

I admire your conviction. Your competitive spirit is awesome.

Out on the prairie said...

Placing yourself with others all dong their best is what I think draws many. The time spent training is a second thrill to enjoy.

Elizabeth Grimes said...

I totally get this! You put into words exactly what I feel. I'm right there with ya! (you must have an AMAZING cell phone!) :)

Jack said...

Brilliant photo essay today, Dawn. I don't do triathlons, and, no, I don't understand it, but I do admire the people who work so hard to compete in a triathlon. Good for you. I am glad that you have something that makes you feel better about the world. And the places it takes you.

Brian King said...

The railroad photo is gorgeous, Dawn! I love black and white shots. You travel some beautiful country!

Gail said...

The why doesn't matter, the resulting feeling does.

Beautiful pictures.

mountain mama said...

i love this, even though i still think ur nuts!! that's only because i'm too lazy you know :)
love the shots, this world is amazing!!!!

Alan said...

I was so obsessed with mountain biking at one time, I wrote a poem about it. I was pretty surprised my bike wasn't implicated in the proceedings when I got divorced. I used to love nothing more than meeting my mountain biking buddies in the pub so we could debate Shimano v Sram. I lost a lot of non-riding friends during that time... I still love it, but I think it's under control now:-) Seems like you have a healthy outlook on your sport. Great pics too!

Zuly said...

Hi Dawn!
Of course mine is the quilting. I liked the comment you left on my blog, thanks for visit is an honor for me.
I admire much to you and I like the photos on the blog.
A big hug from Costa Rica,
Zuly Castillo U.

Michelle said...

My husband really gets into adventure races and such. He loves to wake early and go for a run. Great pics.

trump said...

Black and white images has a certain beauty not found in color images, so I'm liking that rail road image as well. Long live black and white images. Richard from Amish Stories.

Nancy C said...

Do it as long as you can and as long as you enjoy it. :)

Great photos of your journeys.

Homeschool on the Croft said...

I love the photos.

But I think you're nuts! (However, I do envy your commitment to this. I try and get myself on the treadmill a few times a week.... for a 2-mile WALK!)

Brianna Renee said...

awesome post! you couldn't have said it any better. just the ability to move so freely and willingly is powerful and beautiful all in it's own special way :)

Debbie said...

i get it dawn, i think we all do. it's a feeling you get, deep down inside!!

you travel along some beautiful country, that would inspire me!!

Jo said...

Sometimes I think it is the most difficult things that we do that give us the most joy. That sense of pushing ourselves to be our best. That is why I did (and still do) P90X. It's a challenge. It hurts. But it makes me feel alive.

bon bon said...

your thoughts on hill runs made me smile. we certainly take these beautiful views for granted when we're whizzing by at 65 mph.

Allison said...

That is so true, Dawn. This is really inspiring today. "Makes me feel less crazy" ... how many times have I said that? So many!

I don't triathlon, but that feeling? I know exactly the one you mean...

Great POST!

Kim@stuffcould.... said...

Awesome reasons, I love them.

Changes in the wind said...

Knowing one's self is the greatest gift of all:)

Lowell said...

I think you've said it well. Some things cannot be explained, they just are and must be experienced.

Lois Anne runs. She loves running. She has friends who run because they want to lose weight, or feel they must for one reason or another. Lois Anne loves to run, period.

I think the kind of effort/exercise put into a triathlon does something to the brain which recreates the participant's connection with life and the world in a special and positive way.

Lowell said...

Oops! I forgot to say that you'd better keep your dog! Sounds like he's a bit of a challenge and probably wouldn't go over too well in a 55 plus community that is filled with mostly small, little, yippy critters!

Ransick said...

Great post and pics! I struggle with figuring out why I do triathlons too. I also struggle with whether or not I should keep doing them. Training takes a lot of time, racing is stressful for me too, and both training, racing and recovering are uncomfortable at the least and often painful. In the end I think I do them because they make me feel alive.

Aimee said...

LOVE this post!! I totally "get it!" :)

Buttons Thoughts said...

I love this post you are so right. It is the places it takes you. You are so smart. B