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Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Current of Change

Often times we don't have a choice in Change...
it picks us up and carries us in a current all of it's own.

Yesterday we added a new little guy to our home.
He had spent the first 2 months of his life cooped up in a barn..in a 12 x 5 space. He had never gone outside or felt the snow or breathed fresh air. For 2 months he was enclosed with his 9 other puppy siblings, seeing only a person or 2 a few times a day during feedings.

As I watched this little guy in his 1st day with me...I realize change is inevitable for all of us.
And it should be embraced. Even if painful.

Within 4 hours he experienced more than he had in all the 8 weeks he had been alive:

He left his 4 sisters and parents.
Walked outside.
Felt the snow on his nose.
Road in a vehicle for 30 minutes.
Made to wear a collar.
Ran into a neighborhood dog which scared him barkless.
Met more people than he knew existed.
Was bathed in a tub full of dog bubbles and water.
Was put into a new space.

By the time that was all done, he was exhausted and laid there hiccupping himself to sleep.

Yes. I know. He's a puppy.
And comparing the change in the life of an animal seems ridiculous when we compare it with that of a human being.

And yet...the similarities are there.

In the last few months I think I have experienced more change than I have within the last 10 years combined.
It's an overwhelming and often shocking feeling, revealing things about yourself that you didn't know existed.
And then...not are you only dealing with the change itself...but the effects of it.

Often times it left me breathless and all I could do was wonder where my next breath was coming from.
And yet...somehow...I always caught the next one.

We don't always ask for change.
But it's inevitable.

Nothing is worse than a stagnant pool of water, unmoving and growing nothing new.

So when that storm of unasked for change sweeps you off your feet and pulls you into it's relentless current-
Hang On.
Keep breathing.

In the end you will be nothing but grateful you didn't cling to where you were.


Elizabeth Grimes said...

How exciting! What a sweet guy. Does he have a name yet? I'm sure you'll both learn a lot from each other. Hope to read more.

darlin said...

Dawn change can be challenging but like a trooper you've braved the storm. It's good to see you back on your blog, welcome back... now I'm asking myself why I'm not keeping up and then I remember, I've taken a bit of a break til studies let up, studies and life this is.

Have yourself an awesome day and keep on keeping on, it seems change can become your best friend once a person is used to it.

Lowell said...

What a blast from the past! Hi, Dawn! It's so good to hear from you and to read this beautiful post. That puppy is, as everyone will say, adorable. We had a German Shepherd pup when our son was a wee child. They are wonderful dogs. Our daughter and son-in-law in California lost their beloved Golden Retriever not long ago but today picked up a Golden puppy that is so magnificent he tugs at my heart here in Florida. (We lost our Golden almost three years ago now).

Congrats on completing that Tri back in September. Very few people are capable of such a feat!

I don't know what changes you have gone through but we've experienced severe changes, too, that sent us reeling. But at the moment it appears that all is well so we keep going one day at a time, enjoying every minute.

Thus, tomorrow morning, Lois Anne will go walking (she can't run anymore) and I'm going to play golf with friends and we'll probably go out to eat tomorrow night.

It's nice to see your smiling face again!

sage said...

Glad to see you back blogging, Dawn. The past year has been a rough one and this winter, although I enjoyed the snow, turned out very disappointing. But spring is coming in more ways than one. You have a beautiful puppy! I'm envious.

Horst in Edmonton said...

Nice to see you back. Also you have such a cute little puppy there. I think he/she will get fairly big. It's good you live out of town.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back my friend. Oh that is the most beautiful puppy, I can see many adventures in your future and now we get back to seeing them. Yeah hug B

Out on the prairie said...

Nice to save a life. I got a new one last april in a rescue

Debbie said...

oh dawn, it is so nice to see you again!!

"he" is adorable..."he" has evoked all these wonderful feeling and emotions. i have missed your deep and poignant entries!!

he is really alive, because of you....and that my friend, is a beautiful thing!!

Heidi said...

Congratulations on your new little puppy. He is very lucky that you rescued him. The bond between the two of you will be very strong.

Michelle said...

Nothing like rescuing a pup. We have a few ourselves.

Peter said...

Welcome back to the land of blog, and your adorable friend.

Johann said...

Beautiful post! As a dog and animal lover this is very special for me. Thanks!

Kim@stuffcould.... said...

Such a cute puppy! It is so hard to change and it is inevitable that change will come...

Slamdunk said...

Congrats on the new addition. Change can be difficult and beautiful all at the same time.