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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Camping....more than I expected

Well.....My first blog entry and I'm not quite sure how to begin. Luckily I just returned home from a few sunny days of camping with 3 of my kids....all the boys:) ....so with not quite knowing how to begin...I'll start by saying I truly love being in my own bed. And I truly know I do not like snakes in the least bit. I know now what a Rattlesnake looks and sounds like, and I also know I do not want to tent in hot, dry locations again. I prefer my mountains and bear growls:)
I've been saying lately that I think holidays are over-rated...and that it's alot of work to pack up and organize yet another get-away trip. But these past few days reminded me just how many moments I can miss by not sticking my foot out the door into unknown and "dangerous" places:) And I think I learned more about my 3 boys in the last few days, than I have in the past year I've spent with them running them to hockey. soccer, and music practices. Yay for the outdoors, flimsy tents, burnt marshmallows, and even rattles on the ends of snake tails!


Anonymous said...

What a pretty blog...I'll drop by often. Glad you had a good time. Talk to you soon!

our little love nest said...

I love the photo of the boys wrapped around the tree. Is this in Canada or the U.S.? Rattlesnakes?? Wow! xoxo

Dawn said...

Don't know if I thought WOW...I thought hide:) It was just down south...by Brooks, Alberta in Dinosaur Provincial Park. Last night Corben hid a plastic snake under my pillow....guess I made too much of a fuss about them!