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Friday, July 17, 2009

Morning Bike

I just got in from biking my 14 year-old to work...and NOT because he needed me to! His actual comment was...."If you're getting up early to bike with me....can't you just DRIVE me?". He doesn't like to bike to work...I think because at the end of the day he's too tired to bike back...or maybe he's just a 14 year old who would rather drive then excercise? :) Anyway....we had a perfectly beautiful, and yes- fun- bike together.

On the way home I couldn't help thinking of how perfect the day was...and how blessed I am to live in this spot. The only "person" to stare at me as I biked with bed-head hair and no make-up/sunglasses....were the big old black cows. Everywhere I looked was color, and as much as that canola gives me sneezing attacks during the month of July....it IS beautiful.

No rain today...I feel like just dancing in the
sunshiney-ness of it all! :)


LindyLou said...

Love your blog!!! Great Pictures too!!!

turtle town said...

hi there dawny doo! what a super dooper blog and what adorable kids you have! i will be back lots and loads of times:):):):):):):)