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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Grow....then Bloom

I think most of you who I've talked to about where I live, know that I LOVE my home, love the location of where it is- but I'm having extreme difficulty adjusting to "THE FARM" way of life. I despise it. And when I try to think of why- I think I do have a few valid reasons! Some people may shake their heads in disbelief at the fact that farming is such a thorn with me- most people say it's the best way of life- great for the kids- amazing experiences...and yes- it is all that. But being married to a farmboy, I get to see the other side of it. It doesn't really matter what all the negative is...I may sit here and write about it a little too long....but the fact is- I do live here. And I am surrounded by The Farm. And I'm placed here now for this time for some reason. So........

As of today I have decided to not only Grow where I've been planted- I really do want to Bloom! And I know it would make it alot easier- not only for me but for those around me!!! I'm almost dreading this thought...about trying so hard to embrace this farm life, but I am more tired of trying to fight it.

From the trips we've taken in the last couple weeks, I've basked in the worlds around me- and realized that the most wonderful creations grow in the most crazy of places. Why can't that be me?


our little love nest said...

Gorgeous photos and I am so curious about something. I agree blossoming in a place you may not choose but God has chosen for you is the best way to get to the next step in your journey and to flourish in life in general. xoxo

Dawn said...

I agree....I think wherever we are, as we grow we may get uprooted (yay!!:) and replanted somewhere else...hopefully not wilting too much along the way!....continuing to grow and bloom anywhere. I think I just haven't really begun the Growing Up process yet- THAT's what I'm choosing to do :)
xxoo :)