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Monday, May 24, 2010

Bad Hair Day

This is how i felt waking up at 4:15 this am.....

You know the kind of day where you- or something- just doesn't seem right?
Nothing  goes quite according to schedule...a little off?
Including the hair.
(Hair model found by Corben at a greenhouse we shopped at today:))

Work took a little longer.
The kids seemed a little slow with things.
The weather seemed like it should be warm but the wind knocked everything over and picked empty bags of potting soil and used them as kites.
Vehicles were mixed up. (long story)
Rowing schedules changed. Then changed again.

It wasn't a bad day...just off.

I did manage to get a LOT of my newly purchased perennials and other flowers and vines planted throughout all the chaos......

(have you ever seen this before? I LOVE candy corn...and couldn't pass this one up!)

Annual flower pots...
boots worn by my firstborn when he just learned to walk.
Lots of new things in flower beds.
My favorite.

And just as soon as I had the last one planted in the ground...and the second last one in it's pot....I was informed by 2 different people that there is a frost warning tonight.
As I look out my window and see an almost full moon, a very clear sky, and the cold air comes in my slightly open window...I sigh.
4:15 am was a very long time ago.
And now...if I want to be sure of the safety of my (slightly overpriced) investment of blooms, I feel I must go out into the dark armed with old sheets and pails to cover them all for the night.

It was a good day.
I just can't wait until it's over:)

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our little love nest said...

I so remember frost in Spring in Summer... aack. I don't miss that but I do miss home so badly! xo