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Friday, August 6, 2010

Journal of this week....

This week I turned these.....



Then I found these ready and waiting for me in the garden...
(truthfully, I have kind of forgotten my garden lately.!?)

I also was able to walk into a sunrise with a friend I haven't visited with for some time.
After the walk, she invited me in for tea....and had a vase of pansies on  a small table with 2 teacups and saucers laid out waiting.
This blessed me more than she knows. We had a wonderful conversation about life, family, love....things of the heart.
We all need conversations like that every so often.
It was like air to me.

I bought myself these:
 (instead of a camera!!!!! what am I thinking?)

And then I went out and ran the farthest distance my own 2 feet have ever carried me!
(15.03km to be exact. This is something for me. I have reached a goal I never thought I could reach. For anyone running marathons, I know it's a mere warm-up...but for me it is huge.)

My sweet sister came along with me, and THIS is true sisterly-love:
(i never wear socks when running...but again-what was I thinking?
New shoes=blisters)

Had a wonderful friend take me on a walk so I could vent my frustration on a certain matter.
She listened, put up with my venting, and had me smiling by the end of the road.
This is a friend who also lends me interesting books, movies to watch, and encourages me in all the important areas of relationships within this life of mine. Even though she knows the dirt on me.

Yesterday was lunch at a favorite restaurant with another super friend....
and re-connecting was a good thing.


hmmmmm...looks as though the best parts of my week was Relationship.
Go figure.
Does anything else really matter in the end?
(the apricot jam was just a bonus:)

Happy Weekend to you all.
Spend some time with someone you love.
I think my weekend will be spent with these 4.....


Sheree said...

Dawn, I'm so envious of your canning skills! This is something I've never done and don't know if I ever will get to it! How lovely it must be to have your Apricots in the winter! Must be like a little ray of sunshine!
Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Anonymous said...

Such pretty trail shoes! Shame they will be all dirty on the 28th...

Kenley said...

Awesome Canning. I just recently began to buy from local markets out in the country verses buying fruits and vegetables at the super market. What a difference!! Congrats on the 15.03 km! That is huge. Any distance that you put forth the effort is awesome. Even if it is a mere km, and you give it your all! Happy trails and nice trail shoes. Time to go get them dirty now.

Pat Tillett said...

great post Dawn. You have a little of everything in here. Canned apricots! Yum!!! You may "want" to but a new camera, but the one you have now seems to be working just fine! Nice photos...

Dawn said...

Sheree: thanks...yet I think your skills in the kitchen might come in a bit handier throughout the entire year:) (don't know if we can survive on mere apricots...still think you need to come cook for me:))
Nicolle: yep...can't wait to get'em dirty. Will you pick up my race pack?
Kenley: there IS something about buying from the local market! I'm tending to do that a lot more lately. And thanks for the encouragement on the run. You long distance people make mine look like warm-ups, yet I'm pretty happy I actually went that distance:) can't wait to make the shoes dirty:))
Pat: Thanks. If you lived closer I would bring a jar over. Guess I could always go on holiday....
One day a new camera will be mine, this will have to do for now. Have a great day:)