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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Give Way

~give place~

~So I'm curious.

Just when is it that you 'Give Way'?
When do you stop thinking that it's 'your way or the highway'?
When do you bend, and just when do you stand firm?
When is it you say "enough is enough" and "forget it"?

And then there's this:
 just when do you decide that it doesn't really matter....and you give it up so that Giving Way isn't even an issue?

Just curious.~


Hilary said...

Good question. When you give of yourself, that's good. When you give yourself up in the process, that's bad.

Farm Girl said...

I think I "give way" when my choices are going to hurt someone. Or when I wake up and realize that I was holding so tightly to something that is made of sand and it is slipping through my fingers and really, in 100 years will it matter? I always ask myself questions like, if I get my way will I be happy then? Stuff like that. Or I look at the part of the Bible where it says, "to pick up my cross and follow Him, and except a grain of wheat,die how will it produce more fruit." It is always about dying to what I want so others maybe be built up. But, and it is huge, I must first give up my right to be right. That is when I can finally yield.
As a lady I admire said once, "Why must I be the first one to change? Because I want God to bless me first." I always liked that.

CountryDreaming said...

Depends what the issue is.
1) How to properly hang toilet paper or squeeze a tube of toothpaste? Who cares? Give way.
2) What TV show to watch? Compromise / take turns.
3) Life or death decision? Objective morality, stand for what's right.

Barbie said...

I agree with Hilary. I tend to give way if it is something that feel neither here nor there about - whats the point of standing firm on something if you really couldn't give a rat's. However, if what you believe in stems right from the core of you are as a person - then I say stand firm. You are only then changing who you are.

Jayne said...

"Let go" might be another way to say it. And when I'm faced with letting go or pursuing, I have to ask of each: "How does this enhance my life?"

Thanks for dropping in on my blog, Dawn. Looks like you're pursuing quite a bit here! And having fun doing it. ;)

sage said...

These are big questions that you seem to be wrestling with. Whenever possible, give yourself and others grace.

Meg said...

Oooh, good questions. I *try* to give way to others always, unless it's something that I truly believe in - not stubbornly, but spiritually and personally. Doesn't always work though. My stubbornness takes over a lot. ;)

Allison said...

I like what sage said. I grow more and more to embrace the thought that grace for me and grace for others makes this life good to live. But truly... grace for both.

Pinecone Camp said...

I'm only learning now, to let things go! It takes a long time to come the decision sometimes. ;)

Tiggeriffic said...

I decided on this by asking myself "Is this a life or death decision". I'm very flexible and give a lot.. That's probably how I was able to be married for 50 years.
I saw these kind of signs when we were in Ireland.. I thought it was a good way to say yield..that is what our signs here in usa say. I thought these signs were too cool and had a lot more meaning than "yield".
Have a tiggeriffic day~! ta ta for now from Iowa:)
You had a great post today...very thoughtful~!

Deb said...

sometimes it's better for all to give up or give in....but it's sometimes hard to decide when to do that...you have given me something to think about

Michelle said...

Totally depends on the situation.

Elizabeth Grimes said...

That's a head scratcher...to which I give my "go-to" advice when I really don't know the answer...Just follow your heart! :)

darlin said...

Dawn, I'm going to have to read your blog again in the morning... after reading critical thinking my head is spinning now! lol

Personally I think that sometimes in life it's best to just walk away and let the other person be right, let the ego take a break and other times it's best to stand your ground. The question is... is it worth fighting for?

Anonymous said...

I gave myself "away" for years.. Never again.. Reclaim and rejoice say I..
Your posts are alaways so wonderul to read. Have a beautiful day Dawn!!!

Jayne said...

I learned LONG ago, that harmony in my life and heart is so much more important than "being right." As others have said, "pick your battles" and relinquish the small stuff. You can just smile inwardly and know that you are blessed to be able to let it go. :c)

Nancy C said...

For me, it depends on what is at stake.

For the big decisions, life-changing decisions, I've found I really don't have any other choice but to do what I have to do. There is no other option.

Anonymous said...

A very good text, I like your writing and your originality ! bravo !
(feel to contact me by email if you have any problems for the comments, I'll see what I can do)

Bye :))

Lynette Jacobs said...

I can be so stubborn sometimes...but I have learned that "giving way" is often the path of least resistance...does that make me lazy?

spindrift,maine said...

If letting go means you no longer suffer by going over and over thoughts of things you can’t change no matter how hard you try, then let go. If giving way means noticing a person is being a jerk and refusing to join her/him in that dance, then give way. If allowing means you stop trying to change another person and focus instead on being the best person you can be, then relinquish. If surrender means you let go of worries and stress and focus instead on the simplicity and beauty before you right now, then surrender. If you are confronted with a situation that asks you to relinquish one of your core beliefs, or your most important values or goals in life, hang on with all your might!

I found you while visiting Jayne at Journey Through Grace. I love your blog because it is not only full of beautiful images, but also your excellent questions and your triumphs. It has been great ‘meeting’ you, and I will be back!

Sascalia said...
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LBB said...

HOW FUN! You won my giveaway this morning!! I'm not kidding!I drew your name. Come on by & leave me your address so I can ship it out :) Seriously - its so crazy, you must have "seen" the future :)

Jimmy said...

Very good questions in which the answers change for the situation, but for the most part when you get to the point where it doesn't really matter, is when you learn to stand firm but at the same time bend just a bit so everyone else thinks they are standing firm.