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Saturday, March 9, 2013

A Racing Schedule

Whoever had the idea to sign up for 2 marathons, 2 century rides, and an Ironman distance triathlon within 7 months of each other... was not thinking properly.

Add to the training....
 4 kiddos, homeschooling, hockey, lacrosse, rugby, track and field practices to run to and from...
was I insane to think I could do this?

Training for an Ironman alone requires hours of scheduled time on the bike, run, and in the pool.
Raising kiddos requires 24 hours of patience and planning and did I mention patience?

I feel like I'm juggling it all and then trying to get enough sleep to do it all...sanely.
And it's only week 3 into training.
There are still 23 weeks left.

And yet...I wouldn't give up a minute of anything.
My days are full and I wake up each day knowing I'm working towards 
goals which I set out for myself a long time ago. 
And it's a good thing.

I'm starting to think a full and racing schedule suits my personality ....and I'm already wondering what lies beyond it all. Life is so short to be anything but filling it with what you love and were made to do.

The trick is finding what you love.
And then finding balance.
And then, 
just living it!

What is it YOU love to do?


Ransick said...

Juggling all of that is impressive! You are definitely living life to the fullest. Hope you have time to take lots of pictures along the way so we can all follow along :-).

Farm Girl said...

You left out juggling. All of it requires some of that. I am so impressed with your goals and more impressive is you achieve them.
I can't wait to hear how you do. It is always so exciting.

Jo said...

I've got faith in you, girl. You can do this! Just remember to breathe through it all.

Jack said...

Dawn, I always get exhausted reading all of the difficult things that you balance. You have mountains more energy than I do.

Love your photo today.

Lynette Jacobs said...

It is official...you are an exercise junkie.