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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Teaching = Learning

I love teaching.
It's one of my favorite things to do with my kids.
I love watching them learn, and seeing their faces flicker with the understanding of some new concept, idea, or fact.
I like watching my 7 year old write numbers and add them.
I like hearing him sound out each letter to make a word.
I enjoy seeing my oldest kids read to the younger ones.
I love reading chapters from our favorite book.
I like teaching them science, and how wonderfully God made each part of the world....from the microscopic up through space and beyond.
I like it when I can use supper preparation to teach home economics.
I enjoy taking walks and hikes to teach biology.
I love reading thru their nature journals and seeing what it is that captures their hearts in this big, old, beautiful world.
I love gym class in our backyard and surrounding fields.
I have to say I like our field trips that can go on for 10 days!
I love seeing them learning.
I love learning along with them.
I also love it that they teach me!

Happy Learning Day

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