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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Trip- Part1

Well....the truth was, I wasn't going to come back to blogging. I sort of had become discouraged with it all and was beginning to wonder why I did it at all. It was turning into something for me that I never intended it to become.
But....a few out there have asked to see my "back home" pictures, so...here they are. Beware, it's more like a photo album you need to wade through.

I have to say I'm quite glad I wrote on Hope vs. Expectations BEFORE I left....I had to hold on to that thought a few times while we were there.
Seeing as I have never traveled to another country before....outside of my "comfort zone"....for some reason I found it a bit tricky. It was frustrating not knowing one word of Spanish...not understanding how to convert American dollars to pesos....and a bit unnerving to walk by guards in the street holding machine guns at every corner.
Maybe this all means I am not cut out to travel? Maybe I am just a "home-person".

Thousands of people go south every year on vacation and I have never heard one of them analyze their trip like this! I DO think too much....

But overall I thought the trip a fun adventure and loved seeing what I saw and doing what I did. We met some wonderful people while we were there and I even learned some Spanish. Still don't understand pesos very well though!

Here are just SOME of the 400 pictures I took.
(Notice I titled this post, "Part1" ? :)

Above the clouds

Just another couple of tourists:)

Ferry ride we took to Cozumel one day

Sights we saw

Animals we saw.....
(missing photos: crocodiles, tropical fish, and mannatees:)

These were walking around while we ate at COCONUTS,
 overlooking the ocean in Cozumel.

A stop at a "Cold Coconut" stand in the middle
of no where.

One of my first ever tries at snorkelling in the ocean.
It was beautiful...I saw literally thousands of fish!
(Mike says I am pretty loud when I yell thru my snorkel....)

The smart car convertible we rented to zip around
 Cozumel in.

The streets were narrow and scary. There seemed to be no guidelines
or safety measures used while we were driving in Mexico....
I never helped the stress of the driving. Mike informed me I was no
help to him at all..... when all I did was warn him not to ding up the car or kill us.

Here I asked him why he wasn't smiling.....he said he had to concentrate because
I had scared him with all my "positive encouragement" for the driver:)

Hehe.....this is when Mike decided to go do Braclet Making at our resort.
He was the last in line of about 15 kids.:)

We found these hammocks down by the ocean when we went to Xel-Ha for the
day. I could have sat there the entire trip!

Almost every morning we got up around 6am...(no one seems to sleep where we were...) and
we walked miles down the beach before breakfast.

One day we tried boards out when the waves were especially high. Only one mishap....I
almost lost my shorts when I got thrown to shore by a gigantic wave.Thank GOODNESS I
will never see anyone from there again!

I never knew Mike liked wave-jumping as much as he did!

Our last beach photo the day we left....

Around our resort...banana and coconut trees.

Where we spent a good part of our time!

My favorite salad.

Mike's favorite dessert.

Our favorite Mango drink.

New-found fun friends and Fire Shows.

Now that I've shown you an entire photo album ....you 3 out there may wish
you never asked for this post!
(and this is only Part 1...;)

As much as I enjoyed my first-ever "Hot Holiday"...it was so very
good to get home.
There is no place quite like it!


Unknown said...

I'm so glad you decided to post again. I came here a couple of times wondering if you were back and to ask how your trip was. I was just thinking about leaving you a note tonight. Looks like nice warm weather. Wish I was visiting a place with warm weather. I think I'm really ready for spring. Don't quit blogging yet, I'm just getting to know you. Looking forward to part 2.

Dawn said...

Thanks Melissa....and I have enjoyed getting to know you. I still think we should plan on getting together sometime. Maybe we should have a Spring Party?:)
As nice as the hot weather was....I love my snow for some reason. Has it been gloomy where you are? I think i have seen the sun only 2 times since we have been back... that's about 2 hours of sunshine in 5 days!!!! Gloominess i COULD do without:)

LindyLou said...

Missed you, glad you are back blogging!!!

Anonymous said...

Quit blogging??!!?? I only checked your blog every single day you were gone on the off-chance you stumbled upon free wi-fi somewhere and decided to update your blog instead of enjoying a beautiful beach!!

Love the pics. Nice to see you smile. Welcome home.

Dawn said...

Awww...thank u Nicolle...That's kind of funny. There were some days it got a little hot and I wondered how much longer I could last out there in the sand;)
I wasn't brave enough to try your sky flying there though...thought I might but it looked pretty scary when I was actually standing beside it! You are very brave!