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Monday, August 24, 2009

I'm Back.....

Well...we're back from a beautiful trip out to Yoho. It's always hard to come back from there.

As usual...Adam was the main Chef while out there. He was also the "bear-pole" hanger...hanging up all the backpacks that smelled like food in the Bear Tower each night.
We actually base camped this time...which meant we only had to haul our 30-40 pound packs for 2 hours...instead of the entire 30km trekking of trail. We put our tents up right beside the river. The sound put us to sleep at night..... Our tent site...Adam and Ben squished in one tent, Molly and I in the other. The nights were FREEZING.....we would wake up to ice. Poor Molly...I think I kept her up all night while I shivered!
Every day we hiked we saw perfect-ness. It made me want a better camera....but my phone-camera and I tried our best:)
This was where are campsite overlooked...and where we got our drinking water. Best glacier water there is. Honest. And very Cold!

Hiking the Iceline has to be the best hike out of all the hikes you can do in Yoho. It's my ultimate favorite. The view is spectacular.

And it kind of feels like an obstacle course at times!

Me and a Very good friend. She and her family drove all the way out from Saskatchewan to hike with me and 3 of my kids. They're amazing.
When we weren't hiking or cooking our wonderful meals-in-a-bag.....we even had games to play.
We're already thinking of when we should go back.......

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