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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Reasons I Run....

- I run, because it does give me energy...after I'm finished.
- I run because it makes me feel like I'm accomplishing something, even if I have done nothing noteworthy during the day.
- I run because I then can say I "worked out" during the day...(although is that REALLY important??)
- I run because after it's over I get a nice hot shower.
- I run because I like being outside better than in.
- I run because it gives me time to think.
- I run because it gives me time alone.....not that I don't LIKE being surrounded by 4 beautiful kids 24/7.....it's just- I DO need Me-time sometimes.
- I run because then I can enter races with a very good Calgarian friend of mine who also runs.
- I run so that I have an excuse to get a new pair of good-quality running shoes at least once (or twice...or more)a year.
- I run because that's the only time I get to listen to music I like.
- I run because I get to see deer, moose, coyotes, yellow fields, and the wide open sky.



Are those good enough reasons for me to head out the door....

I think so.


Anonymous said...

I definitely run to eat..too bad we didn't live closer...we could run together every day! We'll have to plan to do a half together, and next summer, a full...yes, you can!!!

Dawn said...

...and then when we got back from running...we could plan together what we wanted to eat:)
A half....maybe
A full...ahhhh...maybe one day when the reason I run is to really run, and not just running so I can eat!