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Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Today I got 2 very sweet, thoughtful e-mails from 2 very sweet, thoughtful cousins. It made me think of how much we need relationship with one another- even though there may be distance between us. I am so very blessed to have family, and even more importantly- a family that never gives up on me/us even with all of my "issues"!

This post is in honor of cousins, family, friends....who I am so very grateful for and to. We need to constantly remind eachother how important relationships are...and cultivate them...and don't let them idle.

To all the cousins out there....old, young, in-between...1st, 2nd,even 3rd cousins...Have a Happy Day. I'm thinking of you all:)

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pig parade said...

I sure like my cousins! He he:)