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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

B & B

Yesterday was a gloomy gray day. And when I got back home from driving my oldest to work, I decided to make it feel warm and cheery...and have a little fun. 
Before I tell you what I did, I have to let you in on my lifelong dream...or at least a dream I have had for a few years now.
I want to one day open and run my own Bed and Breakfast. 
Every time I buy something for the house, my kitchen, or decorate...I always imagine what it would be like to have this place run as a spot where people could come to relax and enjoy quiet. 
Haha...well...after my 3 wonderfully active boys grow a little...or move into their own places...OR...decide they want to quit hunting with their bows or BB guns and help me do this.... the land around our place may not be the "safest" for a leisurely, relaxing walk just yet.
But it's a dream.

I set the table in our "school room" overlooking our backyard where moose and deer wander, turned on the fire, and made a pot of Pumpkin Tea. Banana Bread, hard boiled eggs, a flower on the center of the table... I even used my new dishes I recently bought from an antique store in Summerland, B.C..
When the kids came downstairs with tousled heads, ready to get into their "practice music before breakfast" routine, I grandly sat them down at the table and served them as I would in my Bed and Breakfast.

I felt like a little kid. And it was so much fun!

Anyone want to come for breakfast tomorrow? I'm taking reservations!

(This wall idea was "stolen"
from my Aunty Linda's kitchen)


LindyLou said...

Love it!!! You would do such a great B & B!!!

Dawn said...

And family could stay free...;))
Thanks for the wall idea!!!

Unknown said...

I'd like to come and try your pumpkin tea. I have never had pumpkin tea. It sounds good.