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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Together Moments

It's kind of funny. I was looking at my pictures of the trip and trying to make some sort of story from it in an album. All the good moments were of those of us, together.
And all those Together Moments made up our trip.
So, most of you may find this post a little redundant....always the same people in the pictures. But it IS what made up our time away.
So bare with me.
Maybe this post is just for me:)

Seeing we were in the states for part of our trip, I told the kids we had to eat at restaurants that we don't have in Canada. I think our favorite was a Mexican place in Tanasket....authentic Mexican food and feel!


Very cozy riding in the packed van...and it only got cozier the more Target Stores we hit:) What deals we found!

Lucky us...we got to meet up with my parents for part of the trip. Because we were camped out by the lake in Osoyoos, we could use their boat every so often.
This is Molly and my dad on a boat excursion. It reminded me of when I was a little girl, and dad used to wake me up at an unearthly hour to go out to the lake and fish. Perfect memories for me, perfect memory-making for Molly.

Swimming...one of our family's favorite sports.

I think I gained almost 10 pounds on this trip....not good considering that's 5 pounds a week! One of the reasons: Candy Factory Visit. And I ended up buying at least 4 boxes of it to take home with me.....as gifts for people. Ummmm...sorry everyone. Guess I will have to go down someday and buy more- they were just too yummy.....

Leavenworth, Washington
I remember my parents taking me to Leavenworth when I was little. I loved the Barvarian Village then, and it was still just as beautiful this time. I was glad I got to spend the day there with my parents along with the kids. It made it twice the memory for sure:)

Grandparents.....a favorite part of my kids' lives!

My kids....a favorite part of MY life!!!

A visit to my Aunts' home....she serves up the yummiest food and memories, (Pumpkin Patch Day). Oscar had to pose too.

Our favorite place to stop for ice cream during the 12 hour drive out to B.C.

Did I mention I loved this Together Getaway???

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pig parade said...

Its sound like you had a fun time!!!!!!!
I bet it was yummy!!I love my grand parents too!!!:):):):):):)