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Monday, October 19, 2009

Home Again, Home Again....

Well...we're home. From 2 weeks of fun, visiting, sight-seeing, shopping, and scenery-taking-in-time. We loved being away. Away from the routine of life.

I think Everyone needs to break from it every once in awhile...wether it's travel to somewhere else, or just a sit on your favorite chair with a spicy latte thinking in quiet.

One of our favorite memory making moments was a visit to one of my favorite aunt's place...for a PUMPKIN PATCH PARTY...


The party started out at her place...this was the spread we were greeted with and got to devour. Along with hot apple cider and pumpkin spice lattes. Mmmmm.....

After the festivities at home...we drove about 5 minutes down the curvy Okanagan roads and- TADA ! A real live Pumpkin Patch. I have never been to one before so it was all new and exciting to see. I never knew so many pumpkins could grow in a field at once. I felt like a kid myself:)

I am tempted to let this become an annual October tradition. What fun!

Thanks Aunty Linda from all of us.

It's a memory that will last forever.


LindyLou said...

Love your post today and your pictures.
Really loved having you guys here for Pumpkin Patch Day and the rest too.
Let's do make it a tradition!!!!
Luv ya.

Dawn said...

I really think we will!!! ") It was defiitely a highlight of our getaway! Luv you lots!

Haddock said...

Oh ho. . . . thats too heavy for the little one.

pig parade said...

Some day we should make pumpkin pies!(I love pumpkin pies!)