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Monday, October 26, 2009

Flower in who you are...

I've been people watching.
And listening.
And I think that people, even on their worst of days- remind me of flowers.
Each person represents a different type.
And even if they are the same kind of flower, they come in different sizes, color, growth rate, height....

Everyone's flowering time seems to take place
at a different time.
And each one smells differently.
And each one grows in different locations...some grow better in dry, some need more moisture.

Some like full sun...............others like the shade.

Some are more popular than others, seem to smell sweeter, and are more colorful and bright. They can be preferred more than other types, regardless of their prickles hiding underneath.

Some grow well with others and enjoy the company.                                                          Some prefer to do it alone and do very well by themselves.

The world around us is beautiful. It takes all types to make it so. I don't think any of us would be brave enough to argue the color or fragrance of any one flower...and who would we be to do so any way?

I was given a bouquet of flowers last week....a whole bunch of different types wrapped up together. In the middle, way down underneath and covered by all the rest, was a glimpse of a yellow petal. A very strange petal poking up from the center...looking very small. For some reason I pulled it out and stuck it in a vase by itself. Within minutes the flower doubled in size, and seemed to look up at me.
A thought struck me....This crazy and wild looking thing reminded me...of Me! I'm not sure why. Maybe because it had been stuck in the center and just wanted room to stretch. Maybe because it looked like I feel most days. But I think I like it.  Or at least it's growing on me.
I WISH I was the rose...or something a little more colorful...even beautiful. But because it DID change a bit when I took it from where it was- and grew into something bigger when it was placed where it seemed it was supposed to be- it gave me a little hope.
 I just wished it smelled a little differently......
But this world needs all types. I'll work with what I am.


our little love nest said...

That is too cute. My favourite flower from when I was a little kid were spider mums like that one. I was in the hospital a lot with pnemonia when I was young and our pastor and his wife brought me a bouquet of them each with their own set of googly eyes and pipe cleaner smiles. I was smitten!! xo

Dawn said...

Is THAT what they are!?! I was wondering...
It's neat how much flowers make us smile....all of them- no matter how funny looking:)
(love your recipe for Pumpkin Lattes!!!! Thank you!)