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Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Lighter Side~

We all lead double lives.
I'm sure of it.

There are the lives we want people to see ~
and quite simply the lives we don't.
It all varies in degree and levels, but unless you wear your heart on your sleeve and bare all for no one in particular (yet everyone) to see, we have at least 2 sides to us.

My "blog life" comes across as pretty happy.
And I like it that way.
I want to share the positive and look on the bright side.
It's nice to escape that which surrounds you on a daily basis- especially the not so pretty.
Not only that....but my other life can get pretty darn negative.
And truthfully....no one would want to come near.

I don't do this to cover anything up...I just enjoy the moments while I post to imagine what life would be like without the ugly.
It's the part of me that longs for tranquil moments and happy places.....where candy apples and smiling kids and majestic mountains loom and stay- regardless of the day.

As for the other part of my life...it's a continual journey.
A battle of sorts....including not so nice people (myself included), moments of embarrassment, not so nice words, and struggles of self and relationships.

I like an escape once in awhile...hence this blog.

So if you're ever curious about my other life...or feel I'm not truthful in my posting....just ask.
Or better yet....my book will be published soon and you will find it all over the place:
 The "How to Battle Habits" section, "The "How to Get Along" section, The Horror section......you get the idea.
(Just want to be honest that my life isn't all roses....)

On that note, this past week was full of battle.
But as this is my escape place...here are the Lighter Moments of this past Week:

~Moments of Smile~
When I got excited over the fact that my Christmas Cactus was blooming in October...I could hear my 8 year old in the other room stating that, "It sounds like that plants' timer is off."
The fact that COMBINING is FINALLY Over!!! Instead of 18 hour days, my husband will now be back to the normal 8-10 a day. (It is STRANGE seeing him in the house....all of us are scared to blink, thinking he may disappear again...) AND- I now have help in the taxi-ing department;)

~Moments of Disappointment~
Finding out that the 200km bike ride I was going to register for and take part in next June, has a mandatory $2,575 entrance fee. (Granted- the $2,500 is going to charity, but if you're a dollar short you can't ride.)

And...finding out that these had all been eaten and I had no ingredients in the house to make more.

~Moments of Terror~
Getting an unforeseen bill in the mail.
(Don't have a picture of this one... too scary.)

Being at a stop light in the city - looking over and seeing a man pounding his steering wheel, yelling, cursing, throwing his hamburger, a pack of smokes, and anything else he could grab- out the window, hanging out the side of his car shaking his fists....{and I was just hoping he didn't have a gun in his vehicle.}
Never did find out where his anger was being directed...unless he just didn't like his hamburger....
A perfect demonstration of Road Rage.

~Moments of  feeling Blessed~
Finding this note on my pillow when I got home from work late at night:

Opening the back door and being handed this:

The Lighter Side of the week.
Much nicer than the other side.

Wishing you all a Wonderful New Week.....
on both sides!


Alli said...

Beautiful! The note made my heart sing. That is a blessing! Couldn't we all go for a candy apple right about now? They look delicious!

I'm sorry that your bike ride has such a steep entrance fee! I don't think I'd ever be able to afford that... :(

Your post is certainly true. Most blogs are fairly positive places but that's why I love the blogging community so much. In fact, that's why my blog is called Reasons to Smile. We all have challenges in our lives and sometimes we need a space to just count on the positive. I don't go into it expecting every blogger's life to be perfect and I want to support them in their tough moments but it's nice to just look at all the positive going around sometimes.

Very nice post!

Pat Tillett said...

At least you recognize that there are good things and you take the time to enjoy them!
This was a great post. I really like the little note on your pillow...

Deb said...

I think we all like to share the happier moments on our blogs...everyone has good days and bad days...but who wants to read just about bad days...

Hope said...

Dawn, thank you for being honest

As I am reading your post, a tear formed in my eye, a slight ache in my gut and a smile formed on my face. Uppers and downers. Will the two ever meet in the middle?

I appreciate you sharing the positive moments on your blog for I understand the reasoning behind it. The same reason I have mine.

I've always loved being around children. They have a way of enjoying life's simple pleasures that we try so hard not to grow out of.

I am happy that you are able to capture those simple pleasures in your life and that you are able to share them with us.

thank you

I hope you have a wonderful week as well

take care

TexWisGirl said...

Oh that flower wrapped in tissue is just gorgeous! Your post captures quite nicely the good and bad in days and in people.

Whatever/whoever you struggle with (including yourself), I hope you have many good days ahead to find all sorts of wonder waiting for you...


Tiggeriffic said...

WOW~ you outdid yourself in a wonderful written blog.. I think happiness is a great thing when blogging , but if you have a time when you are having a bad day I think blogging is a perfect way of letting us all know. We can support you, even if we don't know you.. Girls just know how to support.
Now could you tell me ~ what are the balls with the bits of candy sticking on the outside. Is it a carmal apple, a cookie before it's going to be baked? Just need your help in lettimg me know what is this delicious looking food..
Great blog today..you did good..~!~!

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

What precious precious note, Dawn, a keeper {off course}.
Happy hugs for today and for a grand new week! xxxx

Liesl said...

Dawn,I love the way you make light of ugly moments, I also manage to do that at times and sometimes I just hardly contain myself! I love cyberspace because I can create a feel good place where I can lose myself and lock out the bad stuff! A card and a flower! You are a special person!

Anonymous said...

gorgeous flower
priceless note

there always is two sides, isn't there....

prayers for the struggles and celebrations for the joys
the bad has a way of making the good really really good!!!

love and light

Leah J. Utas said...

We take the good with the bad and good for you for writing about it.

Michelle said...

We all struggle in life. I like the fact that when I blog, I focus on the positive. There are so many negative things I could say, I suppose, but why?

Barbie said...

I have to agree Dawn, this blog world let's me focus on something other than bills and life's usual worries.

And reading your blog definately helps me focus on life's lighter more happier side. Thankyou.

Jo said...

It's always an up and down isn't it? If everyone could take a peek into everyone else's lives, we would all probably be surprised.
You know those shirts that say "Life is Good"? They are very popular down here. Sometimes I just want to punch the people wearing them. I know that's terrible. But life is not all roses and rainbows.
Thanks for the honesty.

Farm Girl said...

Thanks for your sweet comment and I just have to tell you I loved your blog and I like it that you are so real. It is very refreshing. I loved the note and present you got when you got home from work. You are so blessed. Thank you for blessing me. Oh and thank you so much for becoming a follower!

floweringmama said...

Oh wow, it's haunting to realize I'm not the only one on this type of journey. Some days there is no happy middle, it is just ups and down.

Then, just like snuggling with the kids for a few minutes, you found your note and you have that moment of clarity.

Unknown said...

I like the way you write, Dawn. I like what you write. I share most of your opinions. I like your sincerity. I like your sense of humor. I like YOU, Dawn:o))
The best week for YOU!!! Love! Bela.

heather said...

Dawn, this is such a great post. That little note just made me teary eyed (goodness, what doesn't these days... but i think it would have done that in my normal sentimental state too!). I think our blogs are the better for their positivity. Of course we have moments of sadness, stress, fit throwing... I don't think it's dishonest to not write about that. It always seems so cathartic and healthy to write about (work through) the good stuff, because it helps the not so good seem not so bad. Collectively we're bettering the energy frequency of the world :)

Kim@stuffcould.... said...

Yes we do have an ugly life, sometimes...Love your pics and post about them. So good that you can post about all aspects of life

sassyshoediary said...

Beautiful, honest post.

That's an expensive race entry! But maybe if you start early and post it on here, you can get some help? Are you still going to do it?

Nancy C said...

As most of your other commenters have stated, I try to make my blog a positive experience, which hopefully makes for a nice place to visit for my readers and helps me to keep focused on the good things in life.

Sending hugs and wishes for a better week to you.

Jen said...

Girl, you sure have a lot going on... good, bad, crazy, hectic, expected. I give you credit for holding it all together and doing so amazingly well. You go girl!!

Scented Sweetpeas said...

Fab reasons to smile - shame about the ride, is there any others you can do without a huge price tag on them? Wishing you a week full of joy and not so much horror. xxx

Jordanna said...

This is such a perfect post Dawn. It spoke to my heart. I totally feel like blogging is a discipline to recognize the little blessings in the day. It's encouraging to hear you say it's not all perfect, but you are still able to recognize a few sweet things. The note on your pillow about made me cry. And such a bummer about the bike ride! Hang in there! Hope these next days bring more joy than sadness/frustrations/discouragement :)

Cheryl Kohan said...

I can totally relate to this. An excellent post...quite profound, actually. Just keep doin' what you're doin'!