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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Shut it Off

So my husband ran over his cell phone yesterday.
With a very large and very full grain truck.
He didn't find it until nightfall.....went searching for it with a flashlight and found it face down, glowing, and making twisted and strange music.
It was squished.

I am not happy- for the fact that we now have to put money out for another piece of technology we seem not to be able to function with out.

But it was a good day for him.
He stated it was really nice to get his work done...and not once did he have to answer a phone, talk to a soul, or run and do things that weren't on his list to do.
(I'm sure he'd get to a point where it would become necessary once again...but for today- he had a holiday.)

I remember when as a teen...I never left the house without a quarter.
Pay phones were on most corners, and if one wasn't handy when you needed it....Tough luck.
You ran out of gas- you either caught a ride or walked.

Of course now we don't have such worries.
Unless you run over your phone......
go here:

My last post took me into these photos and it made me miss my mountains.
I never got my hike in this year...but have made it a point to  backpack into the wilderness for a few days- at least once every summer the last couple of years.

This is one place I have found where my phone is rendered useless.
(Well...I DID use it for these pictures:).
But of course there is no signal as you are miles from civilization. One of the main reasons I go.
To get away.
To breath.
To not have a phone in my hand or a computer at my fingers.

The first while I'm out there it's unnerving.
What if I should need something?
Who would I call in an emergency?...there are bears and cougars and a ton of steep rock.

And then...you look around you.
You actually stop...and hear Nothing.
No one is near you (besides your hiking companions).

And the beauty takes your breath away.

And you don't NEED anything but the pack on your back and your feet to carry you and your eyes and heart to take it all in.

You store this all up in your mind and soul,
so that when you DO have to return to civilization....
you have enough stored to help you make it until the next trek into beauty. 

When you can once again leave your "technologically advanced" life behind.
And your phone doesn't work.

Of course...it could all be very simple to fix without taking the trip 
or running over your phone with a grain truck.

I could simply just shut it off.


GardenOfDaisies said...

OUch! Poor phone! But I know what you mean about getting away from it all!

Pat Tillett said...

Wow! what a great photo tour! A great hike...
I hate my cell phone....

Anonymous said...

ahhhh the elusive cell phone...it is a love/hate situation!
love love love the hiking pics....sooooo good!!!

sorry about the new expense....but it is a funny story...kinda ; )

love and light

Barbie said...

The picture of the lake is just to "die for". What a magnificent place. I would gladly surrender my phone and laptop to venture out into that beauty any day of the week.

Jayne said...

It's true... we're hardly ever "unplugged" anymore. Even when we are on vacation, we are checking work emails etc. It's sad really. We all need the time to just be... be and breathe in the beauty as you mentioned.

Nancy C said...

Unfortunately, we all seem to have been convinced we could never survive without the gadgets. The master plan is working.

I don't carry my cell phone with me, unless I'm driving somewhere. Otherwise, I treat it like a land line. Less chance of, ummm, it getting run over by a grain truck. ;)

Leah J. Utas said...

Love the mountain hike pics.
I don't have a cell phone and do not wish to be connected all the time. I like not being available.

Hope said...

I agree. shut it off. Lovely photo's thank you for sharing. It made me feel like I was out there with you.

have a great day!

TexWisGirl said...

Great blog trek. You need to come back to this one anytime you feel overwhelmed... Just lovely. And I feel for your husband's phone!

Tiggeriffic said...

My hubby is not electronically connected. He is trying to get me to get rid of the cell phone and I'm trying to get him to get rid of the land line. So we just let it be.
Losing your cell phone and finding it crushed is not a good thing. The last time I updated and got a new phone I saved the old phone just for this reason.
Loved the mountains and the wonderful pictures.. That would be quite a trek.. you must be strong.

Lynette Jacobs said...

Great post once again:) I also have a love/hate relationship with the phone. I hate answering it...but need it to stay in touch.

Alli said...

Yikes, sorry about the phone! I think we all have times when we want to get away from technology. It's great to be connected to a greater number of people but sometimes it's nice to spend a day in with the family or your friends without any interruptions or wondering about your email.

Beautiful mountain photos. I think my favorite is of the lake.

Abigail Jasmine said...

Hello! I stumbled upon your blog & just loved reading this post. I can so relate! Love your photographs, too!

God Bless !~

Bev said...

Oh dear .... poor Mike?? poor Dad?? hmmmmmm

wayne15575 said...

Beautiful captures Dawn. Love them all. I have posted your blog in my favorites so I can check it daily. Talk to you again soon.

sassyshoediary said...

Amazing pictures! It's like my phone is attached to me. Sometimes I stick it in a drawer so I'm not connected for a while.

Jo said...

Your photos always do me good.
I, too, remember having to look for payphones. As a matter of fact, I actually didn't have a cell phone until I got married (almost five years ago). Honestly, I'm pretty good at ignoring the thing. My family complains all the time that I never answer it. tee hee. ;)

Jordanna said...

OH bummer about the cell phone! But I totally know what you mean about it almost being nice not to be so connected to everything and to just be able to embrace life! Love your blog :)

Gerreke said...

Oh Dawn, what a great pictures and a nice story! Too bad for your wallet, but you can't wihtout it.

I also love you blog!

Anonymous said...

Oh my I envy you.. and I thank you for at least allowing me to get away through your words & pictures..

so much enjoyed this post.. so much indeed..

Rick said...

First - about the photos - stunning, and made me wish we lived there again ! I really miss the hiking and ability to really get away from it.

About the phone - I'd take my time replacing it. I was expected to be available 7-24 in my last job via both pager and cell phone - felt like a ball & chain. I was so glad to cast them off that I have refused to get another cell phone - and life is much more pleasant without it. Oh, and I am surviving.

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Oh the landscape is just gorgeous in your lovely corner of the world, Dawn.
Have a most wonderful weekend. xxx
I wil send you an email in an hour, first I have to make breakfast for my little monkeys ;)

I'm so not a blogger said...

Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous photos, sentiment is so there and youve made me want to dissapear off into the mountains;-)

angela walker jewelry said...

What beautiful pictures and a wonderful post! You are so lucky to have that kind of beauty near your home!
I am not big on the cell phone myself. Maybe the universe decided your hubby needed a "break" from it.. Literally. :)
I have two daughters that I swear have their cell phones duck taped to their hands!!! I started a new policy in our house that NO CELL PHONES are at the dinner table. I keep a little basket near by so everyone (guest included) can just drop them in and pick them up after dinner! It is amazing how much more people talk to each other!!!
Hope you have a wonderful weekend!
Health and happiness to you and yours,

Unknown said...

Dawn, your pics are stunning!!! What a lovely place for hiking, sweet! Cell phones? Hate them!!!
I DO enjoy your words on my blog, Dawn:o)) Thanks!! Love! Bela.

Kristin said...

What a beautiful post! You have such a way with words - your pictures and thoughts are so inspiring, thank you! xo

darlin said...

Wow, I almost feel like I just took a trip and never even left my comfy leather chair... yup technology. You needed a quarter for the phone? I used to need a dime, but shhh, I'm dating myself! I refused to get a cell phone when they first were the rage, I didn't want to be found. Now my cell is like the charge card, don't leave home without it. I just don't give my number to too many people is all. So now is your husband going to get the IPhone? Isn't that the latest one? Internet while he's out in the tractor or grain truck, yup that's a necessity... he might need to google the price of grain.

Thanks for the refreshing trip, ahhhh, much better now. :-) I love the photos!

Would you please check on your end Dawn and see if I am following your blog? I think that I am but it isn't coming up in the sidebar on my site when you add a new post for some reason.

koralee said...

What a lovely spot!!!

I have a cell phone but hardly ever use it..I always forget to turn it on. I hate talking on the phone.

Weekend hugs to you my friend. xoxoxo

Jodz said...

Thanks for checking out my blog. I wonder how we ever got on without cell phones (especially as a teenager). haha

heather said...

I love this post! We often don't have connections here, so many places are still without service, though it's changing quickly. It is a bummer, though, when my husband is working (guiding backpacking or kayak trips in the national park here), we have zero communication for several days or so at a time. But if I'm out and about disconnected, I tend to want to see nobody and stay longer than planned! Isn't it just SO good for the soul?