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Thursday, November 18, 2010

First Walk in to Winter~

Life is a funny thing.
So are kids.
I just tucked my son in, and as I was shutting the door- he reminded me that, "I'm sure hoping the tooth fairy will come tonight."
This is the same son who set up a mouse trap and stuck his tooth inside of it- hoping to once and for all trap the TOOTH FAIRY.
No wonder she's missed coming the last 2 nights. Probably forgot out of sheer terror because of that one horrific episode.
(For your information...the Tooth Fairy managed to extract the tooth from the trap- without snapping it- and also left a kind note behind begging him to never do that again. How she managed, (or why she even bothered!!!!) to lay the money in the trap without setting the thing off,  still makes me shake my head.)

There's a small blizzard playing out side my window tonight.
I managed to walk in it all before it really started acting up....and found everything wearing a new Winters coat.

My baby spruce trees last week  ~ Now dressed for winter

A summer cottage closed off for the season

Proof that color can be found if you look hard enough

And my Thinking Bench feeling a bit neglected

And my Butterfly Houses I should have taken down.
But didn't.
I always thought I would have one more nice Fall day to do it...
I guess I pushed my luck.

The sound of the wind and knowing how cold it is outside, makes me realize once again how blessed I am to have a warm home and a bed with a feather quilt, apple cider to drink by the mug-fulls, 
and a fire to sit beside while I drink it.

I am not taking anything of this for granted.

Now I need to go brave a different type of storm.
That of the Tooth Fairy.
Wish me luck.

(I don't THINK he has any sort of plan to capture her tonight.)
If there is no post tomorrow, you can assume the Tooth Fairy may have met her demise.....


Allison said...

I am laughing with glee this morning! A trap? Truly? My littlest daughter lost a tooth at the dinner table the other night; she just pulled it right out for all to see and asked if the "Tooth Mouse" would come. Now I have spent 17 years backing the Swiss custom of a Tooth Mouse rather than a Fairy, but the other night for some reason I just wasn't in the mood.

"Do you know who comes when Mama calls the Tooth Mouse for you? ... It's the Tooth Fairy. When Papa calls, then it's the Mouse."

My older kids looked at me and cracked up -"There she goes again on one of her "I'm an American" tirades."

But my son was quick.. "I'll send the Tooth Mouse a text message, Camille, so you're sure she comes." And he did that, right there at the table.

Well, I can tell you that it was the Fairy who came that night. ;)

I love your butterfly houses. Did you make them? Do you have instructions for building them?

I loved your post this morning, Dawn, it brightened my day... Hugs!

Widge said...

That is hilarious about the trap!! haha

your winter wonderland is beautiful. I love the idea of butterfly houses and your tress are gorgeous. the best thing about winter is the crackle of a good fire inside while it's freezing outside (and not having to go anywhere in it!) enjoy

Jayne said...

Love the story about his trying to capture the Tooth Fairy. Did you tell him that she's been around so long because she CAN'T be contained... smiling. Hope there were no booby traps under the pillow.

Love seeing your snow covered landscape.

Paul C said...

Enjoy the vibrant colours in this first snowfall including the berries. Exhilerating.

Leah J. Utas said...

Love the Tooth Fairy trap.
Winter looks good. No question. But it can be more invigorating outside than necessary.

Elizabeth Grimes said...

AH HA HA HA!!! That is one of the funniest things I've heard. What a great story. Beautiful snow pictures. I can't wait for the first snow here!

Nancy C said...

Wow! You guys really got hit, didn't you? Pretty though. Hope the storm didn't keep the tooth fairy from making her appointed rounds.

Little boys -- so much imagination. :)

Tiggeriffic said...

No snow in Iowa yet, but I'm sure we will be getting some soon. I love it when it snows and then when you walk on it you hear the snow crunch under your boots.
I have butterfly houses but do not seem to get them to go into the house.. What's the secret..?
Thanks for the lovely pictures and the nice walk in the snow.. ta ta for now from Iowa.. annieptigger@aol.com

TexWisGirl said...

Gorgeous snows! Stay warm and cozy!!

That was a GREAT story on the poor Tooth Fairy! I hope she survived the night! I see creativity runs in your family! :)

Rambling said...

The tooth fairy has a dangerous job! I hope she qualifies for Workman's Comp if needed.
Love your photos of the "houses", but the scenery is making me homesick.

Out on the prairie said...

I too wondered if you get any business in the butterfly houses.Snow can keep away for a bit, but last year I missed it after it left.Yesterday I was getting within 60 ft to yearling dear, where when snow is deep you can even get closer.

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Oh my goodness, this is a very very wintery post, sweet Dawn. Throw a snowball for me, will you ^_~
Warm winter wishes for a happy Thursday! xxxx

Evie said...

great post! kids are funny! although i don't have any of my own yet, my cousins have lots so i have many munchkins running around, and i seem a bit amazed/overwhelmed with them! they are characters!

thanks for stopping by to say hello! nice to see you, i'm Evie! :D

Inger said...

I've never hear of a kid setting a trap like that. He must be very creative!! Great snow pictures and observations. We may get our first snow this weekend, I hope so!--Inger

Barbie said...

Look how much snow you have already had. That is so beautiful. And I love how even in the coldest of temps Mother Nature still manages to put on a show of colour to let you know she is still there. Beautiful.

Anonymous said...

thank for your visit on my blog, I liked your articles often very pleasant to read and your beautiful photos !
I'm a follower with pleasure ! :)

Bye Mahon**

Hope said...

I love your post! you have a way of sharing moments that really draw the reader in. Thank you for sharing this moment with us. Your photo's are wonderful!

I just wrote a poem about sitting in my cozy house watching the snow fly. I'll post it soon

take care

Aimee said...

Ha ha...trapping the Tooth Fairy is hilarious! Where do they come up with these ideas?? :)

Anonymous said...

looking gorgeous Dawn
had a crack up about your son and his trying to trap the tooth fairy...clever clever boy!!!
love the gratitude
i echo your sentiments

love and light

Bleeding Healer said...

This is beautiful..and I loved the pictures,you are an excellent photographer and a far better writer..=]
Just joined your blog..hope yo read more soon.
Take care.

Heidi said...

Beautiful snow pics!...Hope the Tooth Fairy came to visit your son!...Have a great weekend!

Deb said...

little boys are so fun....wishing the tooth fairy a safe journey...

Hilary said...

A trap? Really? He set a trap? lol

Lovely shots.. I'm hoping the snow will hold off here for a while longer. I'm still mourning summer's end.

Be sure to tuck those wings in before attempting to retrieve that tooth!

Donna said...

Love the photos! Those are the First Butterfly houses I've ever Seen!! Wonderful!
Hope the Tooth Fairy came!!Hahaa
Happy night!

Unknown said...

Oh, my goodness. Good thing that tooth fairy didn't get hurt :) too funny! I can't believe you have snow. I was slightly wishing for that. Our days are just gray lately but the weather still feels warm. Missing the sun already :( I'd love to join you for a mug of spiced apple cider by the fireplace.

Bev said...

okay.... I don't want to come home now...after those snow pictures.... it means cold....xxxxooooo

Rosaria Williams said...

That boy is practising to be an FBI chief!

Rick said...

LOL !! A trap for the tooth fairy ! Sure beats my old ploy of trying to lie awake waiting for her to show up and tuck away a nickel (obviously before the days of inflation !) - never lasted more than a few minutes !

Yes, I agree - so thankful for all the things we receive. daily. We'll be back home for Christmas to get all that snow experience again, and sit beside a crackling fire.

Great post Dawn !

Richard Powell said...

Great story, great images. Nice before and after pictures of your spruce.

That tooth fairy puts up with a lot, I she deserves a cinnamon bun or something...

Jordanna said...

OH MY GOSH I died laughing!!! That is SO funny that he put his tooth in a mouse trap!! The Canadian tooth fairy sure is sneaky ;)! And Dawn, is this your home in these beautiful snowy pictures?! SO pretty!! I love looking at the snow. I'm sure it's a lot of work to actually live in day after day. But wow, so pretty. And so fun to get to be warm and snuggly inside in it. Enjoy your home and your creative kiddos! :)

Pat Tillett said...

What a great kid to think of that!

Snow already? Oh my and Brrr!!

Carole Barkett said...

a tooth fairy trap, what a unique idea, so cute.
I like the butterfly houses in the snow it's so pretty.

Scented Sweetpeas said...

lol I laughed out loud at that, that is just the sort of thing my son would do! Glad toothfairy wasn't hurt :-)