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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Triathlon Weekend- (and the longest post I've ever written)

Sitting down to catch my breath....and going try to get caught  up on here tonight.....

So....first Triathlon of the season has come and gone!
Saturday.....my youngest participated in the Kids Of Steel Triathlon....and did an awesome job!
He came in 11th place out of 36 kids...and has hardly trained.
(I have to brag- right?;)

   Age Group: M8-9        #465 Ben R                  
Swim Time(200m): 3:18   Bike Time(5km): 18:38  Run Time(1km)6:14   
Total Time: 28:09.2

Super Proud of you Buddy!

The next day my alarm went off at 4am- but I was already up.
I'm not a sleeper~inner....especially on race days.
It was grey, rainy, windy, and looked a dismal day for racing.
Regardless of the weather....it was on.

My oldest and I ate a quick breakfast, loaded the bikes and gear into the truck,
and took off at the scheduled time of 5am.
Within mere minutes I could hear a strange sound coming from the back of the truck.
"Sounds like a flat"....my 16 year old calmly stated.
Calm wasn't my reaction.

I have never had a flat tire in all my days of driving.
21 years to be exact.
So of course all driver's education and training has long since dissipated.
Changing a tire, or even what to do when you're already miles from home ...isn't even 
on my driver-common-sense radar.

I whipped a U-Turn in the middle of the (dead at 5am) highway and drove 100km/hr (normal speed limit) back home.

Needless to say, (NOW I know...)  that wasn't the right thing to do. 
I guess your tire rim can be damaged driving with a flat.
Who knew?
(Kind of like not knowing lily pads grew flowers......

Try stuffing two race bikes in the back of a mini-van.
When you're in panic mode.
And your bike is the most important of all things you own.
And you don't want it even scratched let alone bent up.

It was like a puzzle....and a puzzle that I wasn't up to at that particular moment.
I just have to say I'm very grateful for the Calm Persons of this world....
After all that chaos, we ended up at the transition set up only 15 minutes later than scheduled, and we found perfect spots on the rack for our bikes.
(I DO have to say that some people on race day can be quite.....what's the word? 
Oh yes.

I was just setting my bike into position, when a guy from a local Tri club threw a small purple hand towel right under my wheel, along with a bag containing a half rotten banana.
He was tyring to save MY SPOT for a friend.
Really people?
I got up before 4am, dealt with a flat, was drenched from pouring rain, only to be bumped out of a spot by a purple towel and a bagged banana?

I left my bike where it was, thinking I may have a confrontation on my hands in a bit....but fortunately keeping your mouth shut and leaving your bike hanging in its spot is the best method. 
He moved his "gear" about 45 minutes later.
I guess his friend found his own spot.....

Transition set up, chips on ankles, body markings done....
now we waited for our Swim Heats.
My son was in Heat 7- being that he was in the Junior Division.
I was in Heat 51.
He was finished his entire race before I even started mine.
Almost 3 hours of wait time beside the pool.
3 hours to wonder just why I decided to do this in the first place.
(Have I ever mentioned I'm a worrier? 
And that I think far too much?)

Making a long story a bit shorter now....
the race went well, and aside from 30km/hr winds on the bike, it went quite smoothly.

Except for the part when I ran my bike back into transition area to begin my run, and I (still don't know how)....flipped over my handlebars in some sort of semi-sommersalt position.
All I can remember is hearing the GASP from the spectators as I slowly (ever notice how falls tend to happen in slow-mo?)
dropped to the pavement.
(Currently my elbow is swollen, gashed, bruised,
and I only have a few 3inch bruises on my leg.

I'm fine!

{Guess it's about time I quit typing and get on with race pics.}

My joke before it all was that I was out to beat my 16 year old son....
We were only 2 minutes apart in final time.
And he doesn't even train.
I on the other hand... have been getting up at 4am to fit enough miles on to my training schedule.
~it figures~

Division: M-JR        #986 Adam R                 
Swim (750m): 17:20    Bike (20km):49:34   Run(5km): 27:15 
Total Time: 1:34:08.3


#283 Dawn R         
Swim (750m):14:44   Bike (20km):49:12   Run(5km): 28:27 
Total Time:  1:32:21.8
Place Overall:27/108    Placed in Age Division:8/36

Thanks Ad!
I had an awesome day with you....even though we didn't race "together".
And although I feel wiped that I train 6 days a week at 4am, 
and you just "have it without even trying"...
I'm SUPER proud of you.
(and a bit envious:)

But remember...I still beat you by 2 minutes;)
Maybe next year?
Next up: 
my Olympic~distance Triathlon
in less than 3 weeks.

Here's to more 4 in the morning training sessions....


mountain mama said...

wow! loved the bagged banana part...i mean, really..some people!

looks like y'all had fun! crazy but fun :)

Nancy C said...

No one got the shot of you wiping out? Dang! (Just kidding!) That had to hurt. I'd be laid up for months.

Congrats you two! How neat that you get to share this experience together. :)

Dawn said...

Haha...that was the 1st thing I asked....hoping someone caught it on video. I would have liked to have seen it myself...for future reference of what NOT to do;))

Kat said...

Awww, Nancy beat me to my comment! I was holding my breath to see a pic of you upside down in mid-air.

Oh, well. Maybe next time. ;-)

How awesome that your family is so involved in racing with you!

Congrats to all of you on your great results and finishing!

Rambling said...

Wow .. sounds fun, and rewarding, and stressful, all at once. Congratulations for not throwing the 1/2 banana at someone, you get the blue ribbon for self-control.

Kat said...

I just noticed that when I mouse over my profile pic - the pic of my cute dog - in your Networked Blogs list, my name "Kat" pops up.

Haha KatDog!!

Brian King said...

You are a machine, Dawn! Awesome, too! Congrats to your boys! I hope your elbow heals up without issue and I'm glad nothing worse happened as a result of the flat tire.

Banana man. Pshhh.

Ransick said...

So cool that your youngest raced Sat then your oldest with you Sunday. That is just awesome!

Sucks about the guy being a jerk in transition. Racing is stressful enough, is that crap really necessary? Also sucks about the wipe out. Hopefully you aren't too sore.

BTW, 4 am to train is pretty crazy...

Debbie said...

what a wonderful way to spend a weekend and so special that you get to share this with your son!!

congrats to both of you, very impressive finishes!!!

considerthelillies said...

That sounds like it was an amazing experience once you dealt with the flat,banana and tumble! A great thing to share with your son! Congrats on your success !

TexWisGirl said...

Good God you Canadians are active folks! I'm wiped just reading about it! Truly, you're awesome and so are your kids!

Bev said...

Hate to say this (but you know I am always the bearer of bad news)...but Ad will only get faster...and You my dear... are only getting older... L O L
(seriously...just think how fast he would of been IF he trained!) L O L
PS can hardly wait to join you next year!!!

Kathy said...

Congratulations on a fantastic achievement!

Rick said...

LOL - great post, Dawn ! I enjoyed reading it as much as you enjoyed writing it. I guess since you can`t be 16 again you`ll just have to stay with the 04:00 training schedule - and to stay ahead for next year, maybe move that to 03:00 !


darlin said...

Dawn, seriously 4am to train? My goodness you, I don't go to bed until that time of morning sometimes... when papers are coming due generally! The only thing with me getting exercise lately is my brain and it's getting worn out! lol You are amazing, no wonder you're in such amazing shape, you look fantastic!

Your sons did extremely well and you bet you'd best be bragging!

4am...I can't get over that! lol

Take care and all the best in the next one... okay I have to ask, why? What's your drive and what gives you this sort of determination?

Sharon said...

You definitely have bragging rights on the boys! You're pretty bleep great yourself!

Sorry about your spill, is probably still pretty sore.

Yah, not good to drive on a flat tire, but, you know that now. :-)

Allison said...

You're my training hero, Dawn! I think of you all the time when I run...though I will never do a triathlon. Woohoo!!

My one question here is... was the timing done by SWISS timing? ;) hehe

Joe said...

I'm tired from just reading your post ;). Congrats to you and your son.

Leah J. Utas said...

Good for you. Whatever else you get from it, you and your son have some great memories.

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Congratulations!!! And I love that the family got to participate too :-)

Michelle said...

Very impressive and nice to see that you and your son can share this experience.

Alli said...

You are AMAZING. You're so inspiring! I've never considered doing a triathlon but you make me think I should. :) Although.... I don't know if I could deal with people acting that way. How do you train for your events?

Clint said...

I'm proud of you, Dawn, for caring enough to keep yourself in great physical condition and for instilling that importance in your son.

Is there anything more objectionable than people who "save a space" for someone else?

Buttons Thoughts said...

Dawn congratulations to you and your son. Amazing times. I envy your determination I do not envy your fall and flat.
I think anyone that could do that in one day has incredible stamina and can do anything in life. It shows, your son takes after you I think.
Do not worry about the tire, hubby will get over it, bake him a pie.
Congrats again to both of you, a great win.
Your photos are incredible I was cheering you both on looking at them.
Rest now take care of your injuries. B

Farm Girl said...

I loved this post and all of the pictures and I am so glad you weren't hurt when you went over the handlebars.
I need to come live with you so I get more exercise than I am now. You inspire me.

Alan said...

I'd feel so inferior if you were my neighbour. 4am... that's just uncalled for:-) I think I was probably more exhausted from reading your tome than you were completing the event! Well done you. Treat yourself to a lie-in this Sunday, go on, I dare you! And by lie-in, I mean at least 11am!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations - quite an achievement!

Aimee said...

Woohoo! That is so awesome! Congrats, congrats, congrats! You are going to do great in your Olympic!! :)

sage said...

Awesome--and your fingers are running their own race on the keyboard... sorry to hear about the flat.

Jack said...

Awesome, Dawn, awesome. The whole family. You are quite a good example of fitness and madness [where is the delete key when I need it?]. Just remember, all is well that ends well, and your day ended well.

Janie said...

You're an amazing mom to keep up with your 16 year old. Congrats to your youngest for his competition, too.

Slamdunk said...

Congrats to you and your family Dawn for such great races. Also, nicely done in overcoming the obstacles--both before and after the competition.

Liesl said...

Well done to you and your son Dawn! Realy some people,you should have shoved the rotten banana in his pants!

MDScaper said...

Well done Ben, Adam and of course Dawn! I think it's great that your kids are also into athletics. More kids need to be instead of stuck behind computers, etc.

Anonymous said...

Good job friend Good job!!!!!
fun to do it with your cone too...love that!

love and light

Jordanna said...

Wow! You guys are so athletic! I'm impressed at all of you! You are so hard-core Dawn and an inspiration to the rest of us :) Hope you are doing well! Just caught up on your blog again... I just love you!

Maelgi said...

A proud mother, the child is an example. I'm glad that you enjoy, hugs.

A Prelude To... said...

oh boy!...so many not so funny things that still had a bit of humor to them! I well remember my fall on some railroad tracks a few years ago - the longest 1.2 seconds of my life - very very slo mo.

You are such a great example to your kids. What superstars they are. I would probably have to wring their little athletic necks...I mean hug them tight - for all their natural athletic ability!

You rocked it, Dawn!! Can't wait to get you to your olympic distance. I'm so excited for you!!!