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Friday, March 12, 2010


I think disappointment in life is a given.
Life is never perfect, and we all seem to go through ups and downs. Our world never seems just "right" somehow....like we are always trying to attain that perfect dream yet never able to grasp it.
Most of us have ideas and dreams which we seem to plan or map out for our life.... what we desire and hope to happen- And we believe this way is the best way for us to travel. When our dreams of things don't occur in order or the way we think they should, or even happen at all....we plummet.
And ask why.
I think the happiest people are those who have come to accept that life isn't perfect and never will be. And that life will only be as good as you allow it be....taking the bad with the good and making the best of it- Regardless of any disappointment.

I truly think the easiest thing of all...would be to have faith. A faith that accepted the fact that Someone bigger than us has it all under control. And that the bigger picture of our lives can't be seen right now, but at the end of it all we will look back and realize that everything that happened was for a reason- and it completes a huge and beautiful picture.
Everyone of us IS part of that big and beautiful picture...we need only to grasp that fact and hold on for dear life as we bump around this life from one disappointment to the next.

"Write your plans on paper, and let God have the eraser."

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koralee said...

Oh how I love your words today...you are so right..everything happens for a reason..we are all connected and sometimes we do not see the Big Picture. Now to remember this all!
Thank you so much for visiting me the other day and entering my giveaway..and a big big thank you for adding my button to your sidebar..what a sweetie you are!!! Your blog is lovely.
Have a great weekend. xo

Meg said...

i agree- i think it's more important how you handle the disappointment... hopefully it's possible to "get back on the horse!"