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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring thoughts...by others

Thank you to all who e-mailed me comments on Spring and what it is YOU love about this season.

Here are some reasons why Spring is a favorite time of year for others.....

~I have always loved how our dull, brown, dirty world turns green, clean, and colorful in a matter of a few weeks. It really is a miracle.~

~warm sun and green sprouts and birds chirping~

~New Beginnings~

~Taking walks with Friends!~

~Spring makes me hopeful even when other things aren't so hopeful.~

~The beauty of the blossoms on fruit trees.~

~The NEW beauty of it all.~

~Getting rid of snow gear.~

~No layers of clothes...and spring shoes!~

~All the birds sitting in the trees in my yard.~

5 names were randomly drawn and your Spring Package will be sent to you soon!
Thanks for your comments/mail!

Happy almost Spring Day!


koralee said...

Love all your wonderful thoughts on Spring!!! These sweet packages are lovely, they would brighten anyones day. xoxoxo Happy Week to you my friend.

pig parade said...

what i like about spring is biking and cracking have frozen ice we went to blind man
river yesterday and me and landon (and marbles)
cracked a bunch! (so fun!!)