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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spring Giveaway!

Spring is almost here...yay!
(I know I may be pushing it for us Albertans.
But it helps to be optimistic!)
One of my most favorite of all seasons.

I love the smells.
The birds coming up to my windows.
The way the air feels different- warmer and springy.
I love watching the trees, knowing they're getting ready to dress themselves with new buds.
I like checking under my windows every week for peeping bulbs.
I don't even mind the mud all too much... especially if there are gi-normous puddles in
my driveway to hop in! And I really do puddle jump!

In celebration of spring...I'm having a Spring Giveaway! Yay!
Simply write and tell me why it is YOU love spring.
You can leave a comment on this post or e-mail me.
Either way, don't forget to send me your address too!

I will randomly choose 5 winners and a Spring Package will be mailed to you!
Have all your comments on your love for spring in by March 15th.....and
you just may get a package of spring in the mail.

HAPPY (almost) SPRING!


turtle town said...

Well....i have to tell you spring is my least favorite Albertan season...however ignoring the negatives of our springs I will say I do love the little birds that have come to sit on the trees around our yard and the fact that I can go outside without 10 layers!!

pig parade said...

spring is nice but its muddy but who cares!:)
that means that i get to splash in the puddles
with mud boots on yippe!!! and we went for our
first bike ride!!