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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Guest Posting at Design Delights

This blogging world sometimes seems strange to me. But through it I have gained a few dear friends, and been inspired by those much more creative than I.
It's interesting how each of us as individuals have so much to contribute to one another....how we can all learn, be inspired, and be delighted by those around us and what they find "delighful"!. Whether this is in the actual "real world" or "blogging world"...at times it can be quite the same.
One dear friend I have gained thru writing here and checking out other's creative sites, is Melissa at Design Delights.
She has an eye for the beautiful, finding delight in everyday things.
Her love of simple, wonderful things- inspires me.
And I have learned that people are blessings no matter how far away- that they can add a wonderful new dimension into your life even from a distance.

She has left on a trip to Israel for a time, and while she is away asked me to Guest Post for her on Friday.
Though my post will not be quite as beautiful or inspirational as I find hers to be, I am honored that she asked me to put something into her sweet and Delightful blog.

You can check my post and her blog out here.
And for more of her Weekend Delights, you can find them here.

Have a Happy (and Inspired) Weekend everyone!

(i feel like i have spring fever!)

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