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Monday, July 19, 2010

~Cherry Trip Run and Spit Pit Competition~

One of the main reasons for this trip, was to take part in the Cherry Trot Run~
a 4 mile race through the GreenBluff area just outside of Spokane.
It was a beautiful run over rolling hills.
If you managed to work your way out of the throng of the other 2000 runners,
you could take in the scenery surrounding you~ cherry orchards and other fruit farms...(which I am not familiar with....living in the prairies of Alberta). I thought it was beautiful!

It was definitely a "fun run".....not to be taken too seriously.
This is what led all us racers through the 4 miles....it took off before us after a gun was fired.
We followed a minute behind.
I never DID catch up to it though...so it must have been chuggin'!
(or maybe I just wasn't all that quick:)
Being Canadian -  we had to show our Home and Native Land roots.
Mom bought us Canadian "gear" before we left.
The band playing before the race even sang a line from our national
anthem as we walked to the Start Line.
We were feeling pretty patriotic :)
It was definitely a run I would do again.
(Made even better by the fact that I got to participate
with my 2 favorite people....)
Team Canada
Yaaaay Team!

And the 2nd reason we went on this trip.....
to watch my sister compete in  THE PIT SPIT!
We watched her practice.
We gave tips and tricks we thought would help.
But when it came right down to the competition...she was amazing on her own!:)

Standing in line....we eyed the competition-
who to watch out for,
tricks she could use to Spit Pits farther than last years winner,
and even ways she could "warm up".
(note: the man in the red shirt below is stretching his tongue before his turn...:)
Finally her moment arrived.
She had 3 tries....
(for one hour and 15 minutes.)
Her distance: 26 feet- 2 inches.

And then....disaster.
Another Spit Contestant was up.....
and beat her distance by a mere 4 inches.
Maybe next year.....
(think maybe we're a little too competitive...?)

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Pat Tillett said...

That sounds like a ton of fun! I love some cherries also...