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Friday, July 30, 2010

So I have a meeting to go to today,
One I DO NOT want to attend.

It's a pretty important meeting, but I go for one reason only:
For the man who wrote me this note above....which i found in my mail box at the end of the driveway.

Miracles do happen.
I believe in them now.
A year ago my husband and i were separated.
And now...
we aren't.
We are together....making one another smile.
Part of this relationship stuff has to be "together times" when you really just don't feel like it.

Which is today.
I'd rather him go alone to this meeting while I sit out and carry on with my happy day.
But I won't. I will go....if only for him.

I'm wishing for luck today....or maybe,
 just another miracle.

Happy weekend to all of you.....
go make someone smile.
It's as simple as telling them, that they make YOU smile:)


Erin said...

Aw this is so nice :) Thanks for sharing! It definitely made ME smile too!

our little love nest said...

Yay! Good good stuff, cuz! xo

Pat Tillett said...

Well, it sounds like you certainly have something to smile about! Congrats on that...

Sheree said...

Hope all went well with the meeting...:)

natsu said...

This is sweet!! This post made me smile,Dawn!
Thank you. Hope you're having a happy weekend :D