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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Little Boy Dreaming

never thought i would raise my kids in the country.
never dreamt i would hear them talk of gopher hunting and the details.
never supposed i would allow even a plastic gun in the house.

boys have changed me.
country living has made me a tad bit different.
having a husband who grew up on the farm has turned my outlook on things around...almost.

and for now...I am super happy this little boy dream has to stay a dream.


Pat Tillett said...

Being in the country can change your outlook on certain things. Guns are one of them. In my little photo that comes with this comment. I am 7 years old, holding my rifle...

Dawn said...

Pat...do I dare ask? I think will leave the rest of this to the imagination.... (Can it be worse than gopher-hunting narratives?:)