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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Princess and the Toad

Meet my niece and her new pet, Gerome.
I think it's pretty cool she has a mom who
even LETS her keep a toad in her room.
Very brave.
I keep asking her what she'll do if it gets loose.
She says he isn't that fast.
I think I wouldn't care how fast he was.

My boys are jealous.
They have resorted to collecting "tads" from the dugout down the hill and watching them as they grow.
From  little black eggs....all the way up to the stage
where they are now  sprouting legs.
(Kept in 5 gallon pails. Outside.)
I think my boys should be happy with that.

I am:)

Very cute toad, Arika.
My boys would like to visit.



our little love nest said...

What an awesome photo!! I love Gerome too! So cute. xo

pig parade said...

Gerome seems to get faster each day now he can jump all the way across his tank. I feed him live crickets. This is a little gross but he doesent eat the crickets heads. he probaly thinks it wont kill them if he doesent eat them but it does. the boys can come and see him when ever they want!:):) They even might be able to feed him!!!