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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I'm Gonna Do It....i think

My finger is hovering over the send key.
Well, it was right before I started this post, 
and it will be just as soon as I'm done....

This here is PART of
My Bucket List ~
(attainable List that is.
I have 2 Bucket Lists.
The other is my, "In my Dreams Bucket List....a whole other post!

********* Run a Half Marathon

********* Complete an Olympic Distance Triathlon
(sprint Triathlon)

********* Get my Motorbike License

******(after license-a Road Trip to the Mountains on my Harley)

****** Hike the West Coast Trail
(A Yoho Hike)

(....and so the list continues. I have several pages.)

My finger is hovering over the send key in regards to that Olympic Distance Triathlon.
The one I want to start with is in these mountains.
My most favorite place on earth.

A 1500m swim in a mountain Lake.
A 40km bike over mountain roads.
A 10km run through mountain pathways.....

Oh I want to do it!
I so very much do!!

So why does my finger hover here?

Ever wonder just what it is that holds us back from doing the things we WANT to do and know we are capable of?
Bucket List Additions:

Rid myself of insecurities.
Stop worrying about what MIGHT happen.
Focus on the positive What If's.
Live life and remember that it won't end if something I think should happen- doesn't.

My Olympic Distance Triathlon is sounding easier to accomplish......
Will let you know when my finger pushes S-E-N-D on this registration form.


Tiggeriffic said...

Those pictures are just wonderful~! I love the mountains..Good luck with the send button. You'll have to go to Two Bears Farm and the Three Cubs blog that I follow.. Varunner (can't remember her name) ran the New York City marathon couple weeks ago.. She runs a lot of marathons and races and she could give you lots of ideas..
Don't dream running the race DO IT~!
Have a great day~! ta ta for now from Iowa...:)

Sem Nome said...

That is a great list, sweet Dawn!! I LOVE the images (again!!!) !! Love!! Bela

Jo said...

You know we're behind you 100%, right?

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

Live your dream. The hard part is pressing the send key. Good luck!!

Deb said...

push send....just do it....we are cheering you on...

darlin said...

Awesome images Dawn, I too want the bike! So I shall get the bike once this crazy making education is complete and I am making the dollars to be able to afford such a luxury.

I found in my life that F E A R held me back, fear of success and fear of failure, stuck between a rock and a hard-stone. I was so scared to open the doors to that college, they weighed about 500 lbs my first morning and either I got a whole lot stronger or day by day the doors got lighter. I'm so glad that I did exactly what I set out to do, one and a half more years of education (I started with 5!) and I'm going to be a middle class professional doing what my heart is passionate about, not much to some but HUGE for me!

My suggestion to you is face the fear and do it... what's the worst thing that could possibly happen? Hit send! I'm in your corner and will cheer you on all the way, you go girl!

Farm Girl said...

Wow!!! I am impressed with your list. You go girl!! When I was standing by the bed for the last time with my Mom, all I could think of was the things she still wanted to do, like learn to play the violin. I made a vow to myself that no matter what, I was going to do all of the things I had put off until tomorrow, today. So keep running don't stop,
You can do it.

A Prelude To... said...

Do it, Dawn! All of it!

p.s. You just made me want to get my motorcycle license with that picture! Husband would be so happy if I did!

Judy said...

I came here from Nancy's blog. I'm very impressed with your Bucket List. I love your blog and will be back to visit more.

Rick said...

Now that's a pretty impressive list ! And by impressive, I don't mean unachievable ! The opposite, in fact - these are very achievable. To paraphrase an old Chinese saying - "a journey of 1,000 miles starts by hitting the send key" !

Go for it !

Allison said...

I say... good for you! Go get 'em! And I will join you on the Harley Ride (maybe not the triathlon!). I think you're right, Dawn, that it is all about our mental stance. Don't we far too often defeat ourselves before we even begin? Thank you for this motivating post!

Anonymous said...

Just remember we are powerful beyond measure!
Cool list! :))

Kathy said...

After my experiences this year with a major health scare .... I would say 'Go for it!'. Every moment of your life is precious and you snap up every opportunity that comes your way!
Love Kathy xxx

Nancy C said...

Do what you can do while you can still do it.

I'm speaking from experience. I have no regrets, but as I get older, there are some things I know I'm no longer capable of doing because of my health.

Rock on! :)

Barbie said...

Send away my friend. All of these things you can do and more. As for getting your motorbike license - that is a must. If I had courage I would as my dream has always been to own a Harley Davidson Chopper.

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

What a list, Dawn. I stopped making lists like this a long time ago. My target is to actually fulfill one nice thing at a time ;) Sometimes i can !! :) :)

Leah J. Utas said...

Dawn, have at it. I'm trying to live a life with as few regrets as possible. That's one way to approach getting done the things one wants to do.

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Do it! Do it! :-)

Elizabeth Grimes said...

Wow! Those are SOME goals! No doubt you can do it if you're heart is in it. Can't wait to read about them in the future. :)

Out on the prairie said...

I ride my bike as weather allows, there is a freedom to living in that fast lane. I get the same feeling on a horse, but they aren't as cheap to feed.Many are afraid to set goals, the lacking of completing them holds us back.As long as you think in that direction it is always a part of your life, and how you live it.

marty said...

I'm impressed with your list !
If you want... you can !!
Many thanks for your visit ! your blog
is very nice

LBB said...

Do it! Live with no regrets & have fun doing it!!

Paul C said...

Your exciting goals are contagious. An Olympic distance triathlon....Wow. That's endurance.

carmilevy said...

I find your spirit inspirational, Dawn. I wish I could be more like you :)

Joey Lynn Resciniti said...

So many things hold us back! Click send and knock two things (the triathlon and the insecurity) off of your list!

Val said...

Your posts ALWAYS inspire me!!!!!! = )))

birdie blue said...

i bet you can do it!


Anonymous said...

do it Dawn!!!
signing up for my second sprint Triathlon in the spring and doing my second half marathon in the early summer...gives me something to work towards and just feels so amazing when you finish!
I hope you pressed send!

love and light

Cheryl Kohan said...

I love what Leah said...live life with as few regrets as possible. You. Can. Do. This.!!

I found this to be a really inspirational post, Dawn. Thank you for that.

Jimmy said...

You can do it Dawn, if you want it that bad and know that you can handle it then why not.

Slamdunk said...

Great list Dawn. My issue is usually negative thinking--I don't have the time or talents to do something. I just need to get over it.

Thanks for inspiring.

Unknown said...

You can do it Dawn. Did you push the button? I can see you doing all the hikes and stuff, but never had any idea that you might want to ride motorcyles. Kind of scarry, but sounds really fun.

Poppies and Sunshine said...

I wonder what holds me back all the time. Why do we do that to ourselves! I hope you get to do everything on your list. Don't hold back!

Liesl said...

Wow Dawn, I think you look sooo cool on that Harley! You can do anything you set your mind to...do that marathon,send away the entry...if you don't try it you will never know what it is like! Even if you fail(which I doubt) at least you have tried it! I would like to do the hike too!

Lynette Jacobs said...

You are a very gifted photographer...and I love your bucket list...you should do it, you know? If it is your dream...go for it.


Carole Barkett said...

as people age they put themselves into boxes of I can and I can't, if you physically and financially can and your not hurting anyone, then go for it while you're young enough to enjoy it. :O)