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Friday, October 30, 2009

Pumpkin Personality

Well....our Pumpkin Patch Pumpkins have been transformed. We normally don't carve pumpkins - we aren't much for the whole Halloween thing- but we DID have some pretty good pumpkins sitting at home. And I was craving roasted pumpkin seeds!

It was fun watching the kids take it so seriously! They even "pre-drew" their design! And in the end....it was neat to see how each of the pumpkins had a bit of personality of whoever had carved it.

I think we need to do this carving-thing every Fall. I like the smiley night-light faces!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

For Today....

....I want to remember this......

"A Word Fitly Spoken is like Apples of Gold in Settings of Silver."
~Proverbs 25:11~

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

B & B

Yesterday was a gloomy gray day. And when I got back home from driving my oldest to work, I decided to make it feel warm and cheery...and have a little fun. 
Before I tell you what I did, I have to let you in on my lifelong dream...or at least a dream I have had for a few years now.
I want to one day open and run my own Bed and Breakfast. 
Every time I buy something for the house, my kitchen, or decorate...I always imagine what it would be like to have this place run as a spot where people could come to relax and enjoy quiet. 
Haha...well...after my 3 wonderfully active boys grow a little...or move into their own places...OR...decide they want to quit hunting with their bows or BB guns and help me do this.... the land around our place may not be the "safest" for a leisurely, relaxing walk just yet.
But it's a dream.

I set the table in our "school room" overlooking our backyard where moose and deer wander, turned on the fire, and made a pot of Pumpkin Tea. Banana Bread, hard boiled eggs, a flower on the center of the table... I even used my new dishes I recently bought from an antique store in Summerland, B.C..
When the kids came downstairs with tousled heads, ready to get into their "practice music before breakfast" routine, I grandly sat them down at the table and served them as I would in my Bed and Breakfast.

I felt like a little kid. And it was so much fun!

Anyone want to come for breakfast tomorrow? I'm taking reservations!

(This wall idea was "stolen"
from my Aunty Linda's kitchen)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Favorite Reads....

Someone said it was supposed to snow today.  Don't hate this....but I hope it does.
I love snow. It makes me feel like I don't have to go out. There's an excuse to why we don't "have" to go anywhere.
I love turning on the fireplace, making my favorite hot drink, grabbing all the kids and reading to them.
A while ago I said some of our favorite books to read were by Ralph Moody. Hilarious. Thoughtful. Have loved every one in his series so far. And the boys love them as they have to do with farming. I like them because the boy in the book is always working so hard- without complaining!
For girls.....my absolute favorite books would have to be the Emily Books...by Lucy Maud Montgomery. Sometimes I think I like these books from her even better then the "Anne" books".
Emily of New Moon, Emily Climbs, and Emily's Quest- the 3 most wonderful books I have read to myself, and out loud to Molly.

So yep...kinda hope it snows today. I haven't read for awhile.
And if you want a yummy recipe for the most delicious Pumpkin Spice Latte....head over to my very creative cousins' Blog....Our Little Love Nest..... http://deesullivan.blogspot.com/ .
(She also has recipes for other DELICIOUS things.....you definitely have to check it out!)

Have a happy day in whatever you do. And here's hoping it snows....at least around my house!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Flower in who you are...

I've been people watching.
And listening.
And I think that people, even on their worst of days- remind me of flowers.
Each person represents a different type.
And even if they are the same kind of flower, they come in different sizes, color, growth rate, height....

Everyone's flowering time seems to take place
at a different time.
And each one smells differently.
And each one grows in different locations...some grow better in dry, some need more moisture.

Some like full sun...............others like the shade.

Some are more popular than others, seem to smell sweeter, and are more colorful and bright. They can be preferred more than other types, regardless of their prickles hiding underneath.

Some grow well with others and enjoy the company.                                                          Some prefer to do it alone and do very well by themselves.

The world around us is beautiful. It takes all types to make it so. I don't think any of us would be brave enough to argue the color or fragrance of any one flower...and who would we be to do so any way?

I was given a bouquet of flowers last week....a whole bunch of different types wrapped up together. In the middle, way down underneath and covered by all the rest, was a glimpse of a yellow petal. A very strange petal poking up from the center...looking very small. For some reason I pulled it out and stuck it in a vase by itself. Within minutes the flower doubled in size, and seemed to look up at me.
A thought struck me....This crazy and wild looking thing reminded me...of Me! I'm not sure why. Maybe because it had been stuck in the center and just wanted room to stretch. Maybe because it looked like I feel most days. But I think I like it.  Or at least it's growing on me.
I WISH I was the rose...or something a little more colorful...even beautiful. But because it DID change a bit when I took it from where it was- and grew into something bigger when it was placed where it seemed it was supposed to be- it gave me a little hope.
 I just wished it smelled a little differently......
But this world needs all types. I'll work with what I am.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Favorite Sights

A few of our favorite sights and places we saw and found on our getaway......

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Set Aside Some Thinking Time

A couple days ago something came to mind. How busy I have been actually trying to keep myself. A good friend of mine even said, "It seems like you are living life at a frantic place, in order not to think".

Now I would be the first one to say that the least of my problems is not thinking. In fact, my biggest problem is that I think far too much. But lately, I have filled my life up with runs and other sports, crafts and hobbies, holiday times, backpacking, going out with friends...just basically trying to keep going to fill my time, and my mind. I think I know some of the reasons for doing this, and they are the exact reasons for why I need to slow it down.

It's time to stop. Stop living at such a frantic pace, and set aside time to think.
Not the thinking I normally do.
But the thoughtful type of thinking.

I am going to try to find moments throughout my day to stop. And think thoughts. Actual full, well-rounded thoughts. And think them through. And even if I don't come up with a plan or solution, at least I can wrestle with ideas and begin to take captive that which is flying around my mind at such a crazy pace.

Taking time today, and every day after, to think......

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Beautiful Morning

The Most Beautiful Morning

~One morning we woke up to ice in our water bottles, frozen toes, and the most beautiful ice-frosted orchards. I couldn't get over the view as we drove the curvy Okanagan roads. Where the sprinklers had been left on throughout the night....the trees, grass, vines- were covered in layers of thick ice. It was incredibly beautiful.~

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Together Moments

It's kind of funny. I was looking at my pictures of the trip and trying to make some sort of story from it in an album. All the good moments were of those of us, together.
And all those Together Moments made up our trip.
So, most of you may find this post a little redundant....always the same people in the pictures. But it IS what made up our time away.
So bare with me.
Maybe this post is just for me:)

Seeing we were in the states for part of our trip, I told the kids we had to eat at restaurants that we don't have in Canada. I think our favorite was a Mexican place in Tanasket....authentic Mexican food and feel!


Very cozy riding in the packed van...and it only got cozier the more Target Stores we hit:) What deals we found!

Lucky us...we got to meet up with my parents for part of the trip. Because we were camped out by the lake in Osoyoos, we could use their boat every so often.
This is Molly and my dad on a boat excursion. It reminded me of when I was a little girl, and dad used to wake me up at an unearthly hour to go out to the lake and fish. Perfect memories for me, perfect memory-making for Molly.

Swimming...one of our family's favorite sports.

I think I gained almost 10 pounds on this trip....not good considering that's 5 pounds a week! One of the reasons: Candy Factory Visit. And I ended up buying at least 4 boxes of it to take home with me.....as gifts for people. Ummmm...sorry everyone. Guess I will have to go down someday and buy more- they were just too yummy.....

Leavenworth, Washington
I remember my parents taking me to Leavenworth when I was little. I loved the Barvarian Village then, and it was still just as beautiful this time. I was glad I got to spend the day there with my parents along with the kids. It made it twice the memory for sure:)

Grandparents.....a favorite part of my kids' lives!

My kids....a favorite part of MY life!!!

A visit to my Aunts' home....she serves up the yummiest food and memories, (Pumpkin Patch Day). Oscar had to pose too.

Our favorite place to stop for ice cream during the 12 hour drive out to B.C.

Did I mention I loved this Together Getaway???

Monday, October 19, 2009

Home Again, Home Again....

Well...we're home. From 2 weeks of fun, visiting, sight-seeing, shopping, and scenery-taking-in-time. We loved being away. Away from the routine of life.

I think Everyone needs to break from it every once in awhile...wether it's travel to somewhere else, or just a sit on your favorite chair with a spicy latte thinking in quiet.

One of our favorite memory making moments was a visit to one of my favorite aunt's place...for a PUMPKIN PATCH PARTY...


The party started out at her place...this was the spread we were greeted with and got to devour. Along with hot apple cider and pumpkin spice lattes. Mmmmm.....

After the festivities at home...we drove about 5 minutes down the curvy Okanagan roads and- TADA ! A real live Pumpkin Patch. I have never been to one before so it was all new and exciting to see. I never knew so many pumpkins could grow in a field at once. I felt like a kid myself:)

I am tempted to let this become an annual October tradition. What fun!

Thanks Aunty Linda from all of us.

It's a memory that will last forever.