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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Golden Opportunity

It's on mornings like this,

that I feel like I'm living in a 
Gold Mine.

~Mornings are filled with golden opportunities~

(for my friends who have become morning people, 
and for those of you who have yet to become one;)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Hullo There

It's already the middle of February?

I was going to do a post on a bunch of things tonight...but realized everything is out of date already.
Is it me or does each day, week, month, get faster than the last?

I was also going to post a picture of me standing there waving to you all...but it's Bad Hair Day today.

(Although...I'm not sure if our horse is sporting anything much better on that big head of hers;)


"Time goes by so fast, people go in and out of your life....

never miss the opportunity to tell them 
how much they mean to you."


For all of you who are running, biking, swimming, or just plain on your feet all the time!!!~
I posted a quick note on "feet" here:

I know...sounds exciting.
But I'm just in that realization phase of things...of how much I appreciate 
the little but important things;)
(Even feet)

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Choosing the bridges to cross

Seems like I've been neglecting my blog and blogging friends lately.
And it hasn't been because I want to.
Life has been one turn after the other lately...
                                                                   I feel almost dizzy.

You know when you hit those points in your life where decisions have to be made? The Big ones?

Choices lay before you...pros and cons listed...and when it's finally all decided....you hold your breath and take one giant step.....

....to cross that next bridge in life.

All the while-  hoping that once you cross- you don't even want to look back.
Or have any regrets.

Since writing here last, I've started a college course which may lead me into something I love doing as a job (for when the kiddos up and leave me;)
And upon hearing I was taking the said course....a manager (of my favorite of all stores)....offered me a job today.

Kids have been moving ahead with things and don't need me quite as much...and they all are living through changes of their own.
And there are other things in Life which seem to be moving and changing quickly all of a sudden.
(Maybe I've been taking too many runs on the treadmill...)

Bridges in life can be breath~taking.
Sometimes you aren't quite sure if you should, or even can cross.
And then once you start to cross, you feel the need to continue, even just to see what it is that lies on the other side.
With heart pounding....steps are taken to walk - sometimes run- to the other side.

{"...Bridge the gap which exists between where you are now and the goal you intend to reach."}
~Earl Nightingale

I would rather say I crossed each bridge I came to in life...rather than hanging out on the other side wondering what lies just beyond.
So I think I'm going to.

As breath~taking as it may be.

~Live life with no regrets~

{Missing you all and will be by to catch up soon.
My last class for this part of the course ends tomorrow night:)}