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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Lost Art of Gratefulness

It's a Lost Art.

Gratitude has been bypassed for the majority in today's culture- and I am the first to admit to the guilt of this act.

So quite simply and easily I found an entire canvas of things to be grateful for today.
The brush in my mind sweeping over things and creating a portrait of a perfect day.
A collage of beautiful and breathtaking art, albeit simple.

The heavy fog painting the air around me as if covering me in a ghost-like cloak.
A smile from my son as his tousled head appeared over the bunk bed railing as I woke him for the day.
The smell of vanilla cupcakes permeating the house and knowing they're going to be ready for eating in minutes.
Explaining a math problem to my 14 year-old son  and seeing the look of understanding slide across his face.
Feeling (finally), the warmth of sunshine on my skin through the window as I sit here and type.

It doesn't matter if your masterpiece looks like a child's painting-
                              or something grander and more magnificent as the Mona Lisa smile.

It's art.
The art of gratefulness.
In every color and form imaginable.

And we have access to it every day.

Look. It's there.