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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Where is your Limit?

In less than 36 hours I will be embarking on the most daring run I have ever done.
I will try to run for 24 hours.

The earliest memory of me running, (besides running away from the kids in grade school who found it amusing to chase me with a plastic snake), was joining up with the Cross Country team in High School.
And the memories evoked when I think of that experience? Breathing into brown paper bags and coming in dead last in the one and only Run Meet I entered.

I am not a natural runner.
I begin each run with high hopes, thinking that THIS will be the run where it's easy.
On THIS run it will finally click and my running Talent will enter my legs.
THIS is going to be the run where I don't have slow to a walk.

Ahhh.... yeah.
Hasn't happened yet.

So why in the world do I run?

It isn't my favorite thing to do~
but oh the places it has taken me....and
the beauty I have been blessed to see!
 It's carried me through times I haven't thought possible to get through.
Running has been a tool in figuring myself out.
It's been a companion to me on days where I have felt alone.
And I love the feeling I have when I complete a run. Nothing better.
(Except for maybe the hot coffee I down after a morning spent in my runners.)

We tend to put limits on ourselves....
see ourselves the way we think we are or ought to be.
But in reality- we are always capable of more.
Proof of this lies everywhere.
(see one example: The man who runs without legs.)

I registered for this 24 hour run with the intention of seeing how far I can carry myself in the hours of one entire day.
Maybe it will turn into a challenge of seeing how long I can just keep going.
I am not sure what to expect out of this body of mine.

But it's a wonderful feeling to surprise your own self with possibilities hidden somewhere inside of you.
The trick is not putting a Limit on what you think that may be.
Something I may need to repeat in this head of mine during those (24) hours out on the trail.

Where is your real Limit? You may be surprised with the answer.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

An idea with little substance....

Sand CASTLEs  by the Sea~



  [sand-kas-uhl, -kah-suhl] 
a small castlelike structure made of wet sand as by children at a beach.
a plan or idea with little substance.

History is a child building a sand-castle by the sea, 
and that child is the whole majesty of man’s power in the world. 

Monday, September 10, 2012

15th year starts today....

Today marks the start of the 15th year I have taught my kids at home.
(Yes. Homeschooling.)
I started off having no idea what I was doing...and somehow managed to hang in through all the adventure...to get us to today.
It's had up and down moments- but I know there is not ONE day I would trade for ANYTHING.
I'm pretty blessed to be have been able to grow up with my kids!

Here's to a new year of learning together.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Last of August....

Take mornings like this...

A room with a view....

(and a kitchen like this:)

Sights like these....

Then add some fishing....

Throw in landscape like this....

And nights with this sight off your "balcony"....

Add some together time....

And you have 3 wonderful days 
in which to see out the last of August!

the beautiful echo

For some time last night, I laid and listened to the haunting howl of some creature, 
longing to be heard.

It's howling echoed off the hills and ran together as if a song was being sung.
A beautiful, 
but misunderstood song.

It was....
                           .......it is
how my heart feels.

I have this ache and desire to be heard by those I love- 
a haunting heartache.

I can howl, even beautifully,
but as it echoes off the hills and then the mountains, 
those close to me hear only the howl...and an eeriness to it.
They don't really understand me.
Or the sounds my heart makes.

get the creature which howled through that lonely night.

I understand.

it is beautiful.

~taken from
 "my journey"