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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Throw open the window!

This morning as I walked into the kitchen to chat with my son before he left for work,
I stopped in my tracks when I glanced out the window.

{For days we haven't seen the sun.
The last time I remember seeing it?
Well...even if I look back on the calendar days I honestly couldn't tell you when it was last seen.
It's been more than a week for sure.
horizon meeting land in one large white wall.
It's been dismal.}

But this morning...I saw it.
It took my breath away.
I actually had to throw open my window to let in any amount I could.
(With our record who knows how long such things will last!)

There was no way I was going to miss a minute.

I think my son understood while I ran around the house looking for a camera to use.
And he understood while I stood on the counter to snap pictures from every angle.
I even think he understood when I didn't add a bag of cookies to his lunch bag and he had to do it himself;)

{I was really beginning to wonder if we could still see in color.}

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Inquiring minds want to know...

On weekends ~during the "warm season"~ and when time allows, the need to get away from the mundane often arises and we head for the hills.
The Rocky Mountains to be exact. 
Within a few hours we can be lost amongst the majestic stone walls and the beauty they hold.

I came across this set of photos from one of those treks into the wilderness....when 3 years ago we decided to venture out for a day.

Our favorite day hike is a 3 and 1/2 hour drive from our driveway....the hike takes an hour. 
Two if you linger at the head of the falls for lunch.

Every minute of the drive is worth it.

The Falls are spectacular. 
The rushing sound begins to greet you long before you even come close to viewing the source. And once you're close, the spray covers you and your fellow hikers. A welcome mist if the day is warm.
It's when we walk up the trails that inquiring minds begin to speak.
Thoughts rush forward into words, questions are raised- hopeful for answers.

The outdoors and wilderness seems to do that to a person.
The mind seems to clear and simple matters become beautiful thoughts.
And wonderful inquiries.

It was on one of these ventures 3 years ago, that this little guy posed a thought.
Sitting on a large boulder eating trail mix from a small bag,
he looked up at me wonderingly.

Over the rush of water, his biggest thought was:

"How DOES God shut this thing off at night?"

The beauty and wonder of the outdoors.
{Inquiring minds want to know.}

Even if there are no answers, the question is enough.
 And sometimes, can be an answer in itself.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Changing of the Moods

The same tree line.......

....on two different days.

Quite the mood swing.

"Faith...is the art of holding on to things your reason once accepted, despite your changing moods."
~C.S. Lewis (1898-1963)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

morning chores....

(Definition of Chore:  An unpleasant or burdensome task.)

~Nothing "chore-ish" about this time of day.
It is simply.... 
the best part of the day.~

Friday, March 25, 2011

behind the scenes...

(spring photo taken when I visited the west coast)

Two types of people have been standing out to me as of late;

The backdrop- those who stand quietly in the background....
almost unnoticed.
Then there is the scene- those who stand up in front, show most of their color and display.

But....(just a thought)
 would the scene seem so brilliant without its backdrop?

(sorry...I've used this scene before, but the backdrop actually called out to me for this post~ Jasper, Alberta)


Don't forget the backdrop, 
for the backdrop sets the scene.

Thursday, March 24, 2011


"Everybody gets twitterpated in the spring time."
~the wise old owl (Bambi)

(I have a question....
with all this snow I keep getting, what happens 
if Spring never comes my way?)


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

a splash of sun

Out of no where, it can appear.
A glimpse of something you needed to see.

If you just keep your eyes open....
you may find exactly what you need, 
right when you need it.

It's like sunshine~ 
coming out of no where....
just when you thought there wasn't any.

I found some today.

{I don't believe a day can be considered gray~ if even one drop of sunshine breaks through the clouds}

super six mile run

I woefully looked out my window, staring sadly at my vehicle.
Poor thing.
He hadn't been able to run yet again today.
Stuck in snow, 
a drive-way full of drifts, 
roads inaccessible.

No trips to town for morning swims.
No bank runs to cash cheques and pay bills.
Not even a venture out for milk.

Drifts are piled high, snow plows haven't come around to our neck of the woods for almost a day, and snow piles up even higher as the hours pass.

Then I realize....


He may have to sit in the drive, but I have my shoes.
With running treads no less.

I hastily yank back the door,
knee my way through the drifts in the walkway, (boys better shovel later....),
and I decide a mile will be mine.....

.....a mile where No Vehicle Has gone before!
(or at least not in the last 36 hours....)

And I'm off!
Dodging snow piles at the speed of lightning. (snort)

Passing telephone poles like a rocket.
On fire.
(snort, snort)
The fence posts may be up to their ears...but me?
I'm running by it all.

Flying up hills~ I run, 
not a care in the world.

It's impossible for me to get stuck in a rut, or a bank of snow.
(as it looks as though some poor sucker...ummm...vehicle did.)

The road is mine.
Even the much needed signs ~ belong to me now.

(Hidden intersection?! No kidding!)

One giant leap took me over a drift..
Bounding over banks of snow~I was now onto my 6th mile...and I couldn't even remember how I got there.

I flew. I'm sure of it. (Ha!)
{Funny what you're capable of when you pretend to be a Super-Hero;)}
(oh brother....eye roll)

My feet knew no boundaries.
I was running. 
Where no other vehicle could.

But then, like all good things....an end has to come.
In this case....my kids were probably needing supper.
And dark was falling. 
Like the snow. 

As I passed my vehicle, still sitting sadly in its parking spot, I gave it a pat.
"Maybe tomorrow, little guy. You might get your turn tomorrow."
(Super six-mile smile.)

(now where the heck IS that snow plow?!)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

our Canadian lakes adventure

I started to a new post this morning, but honestly? My heart isn't quite in it.
I am perfectly fine and happy, but it has been snowing since Saturday night here....and the white stuff is piled up to my windows in some places. Last night I got stuck in a driveway, and coming home from a  meeting, my son got stuck in the middle of the road. My driveway was plowed out last night- but by the looks of things I may need someone to come back again.
And it's still snowing.
And so....what more do I post? My heart needs some color. I am a wee bit tired of the white photos.
I went through the archives and pulled out our favorite Canoe Adventure and thought I would share it again.....
and on this blustery day I will pretend I am in my canoe surrounded by blue!

We're just returned from a perfectly wonderful trip to the mountains. Paddling our canoe and kayak in 3 beautiful mountain lakes......the trip was filled with AMAZING scenery & weather.

The first lake ~Lake Louise...
was where Adam took part in a Rowing Camp. 
(Molly even got to row in a double with her brother.)

The next day we plunked ourselves into Morraine Lake....another perfect paddling expedition. 

We saw waterfalls and glaciers hanging above us, and the lake trout jumped by every so often. 
The water was so cold, the bottom of the canoe felt like an ice pack on our bare feet.
I don't think anyone minded.

Travel into Yoho National Park, brings amazing finds.
One of them included our 3rd and last canoe adventure~ Emerald Lake.
This was definitely the warmest lake...and once we got to the other side of it ~were so hot we all had to jump in for a swim. 
The cleanest water we've ever swam in....and it felt surreal....being surrounded by mountains covered in snow.

~If that trip was all I ever used the canoe~ for it was well worth it!~

{We're planning another canoe adventure for this coming summer....and yes~ I KNOW summer will come.}

Monday, March 21, 2011

spring blooms

Just wanted to share my Spring Blooms with you

Finish Line

So I opened my mailbox late last week to find a Government of Alberta marked envelope.

Remember the test he was going to take- the Entrance Exam into college?
He passed.
Really passed.
A 90% pass.

When I opened that envelope and read his mark...(the teacher and principal of the 
school is allowed access to his mark 1st- right?)....
I burst into tears.
{And I never cry.}
In that moment, 12 years of teaching passed in front of my eyes.
His learning to read, teaching him his numbers and how to add and subtract, story after story, writing his curriculum for each month and lesson plans for the year....
It flew through my mind in a second, 
and that 90% was the Finish Line.

In that moment, the sense of completion I got was the same I feel at the end of a race.
It's over.
And we crossed that line!

Through all the aches, pains, breathlessness, hills and trail....
we ran and kept on running.
And actually made the Finish!

And I am so proud of you Bud!
Now....a  new race begins.
[And maybe part of the tears were because this next race - you do on your own.]

But I promise...I will be on the sidelines.....
your biggest cheerleader!

Race on my dear son. 
Race on!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

King of the Hill


He may look innocent...

He may laugh at all the right moments....

But don't let him fool you.

When you aren't looking....

...he gets an idea...

...and runs away with it.

Amazing what you can get away with
when you're King.