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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Green Day

i love any excuse to have a party. even a small one.
this year i decided to teach my kids how to plan and organize and carry out their own party for an occasion, so i let them all choose a couple of "holidays" throughout the year and plan something special for that day.
the first one on the list, (because i got Valentines Day), was St.Patrick's Day.
it was Molly's turn to plan first - and here is what she came up with.....

a St. Pattys Day banner

clover cookies

lime shakes (delicious!)

our fancy table...where Molly shared what she "researched" on
St.Patricks Day and the reason why we even celebrate it in the first place.

can't wait for our next day to celebrate!
HEY! isn't the first day of SPRING on Saturday?


turtle town said...

once again i need to tell you....you have to write a book about creative ideas to teach your kids .... you always inspire me with your ideas!!! Great job to Molly too!

our little love nest said...

Wishing I could have had a lime shake with you guys! xoxo

pig parade said...

yummy!!!! looks good molly should come be my
cook for a day or so!:):) well done molly my
best cousin!