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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Missing the REAL in connection

(Warning: Rant post)

It used to be that "back in the day"....one would fly in to one of these to make a call.
These would stand on street corners or hang on walls outside convenient stores.
As long as you had the change~ or knew how to place a collect call....you were safe.

Now...they sit for decorative reasons...to remember what life used to be like.

When you didn't have to charge a phone, 
find a spot for it in your pocket, 
be attached to everyone and "connected" to everything at 

Funny thing is- for all the ways we have to "Connect" today?? 
I feel more disconnected than ever.

My "real phone" only rings with telemarketers requests.
My mail box only holds flyers every afternoon at 4pm, and instead of running down to it with anticipation - I sit in front of a screen wondering if my "email box" holds a line.

And connection now means...
"Shooting an email"
"Facebook me"
"I'll text you when I get there"
"Did you read his Tweet?"

{"Didn't get the email? 
I texted you last night to say I sent it..."}

{Walking into a coffee shop last week....
5 out of the 8 people sitting down were all on their laptops or staring at their phones.}

{Sitting down to eat and a phone beeps.
 Is that me? Or you? 
Hold on....It'll just take a second.}

Yes. It used to be a pain to find a quarter and a phone booth. But I miss it.
I miss real chatter.
Letters to hold in my hand.
I miss hearing voices and seeing faces.

For all the "connectedness" we supposedly own today~ why is it everyone seems so disconnected from one another?

Why have we become content to be "facebook friends"...but not get together in real life?
Why do we resort to texting a heartfelt sentence, when we could pick up a phone and use our real voice?
Email is so easy. But what does one have to hold in their hand and read, and store away in a ratty old box, to pull out and show those who come after....but their computer screen.

(I warned you this was a rant.)

On that note....I feel the need to stuff a mailbox full of letters and cards!
I want to go back, if only for a few moments, and see if I can use a pen and remember how to address an envelope.
I want to go buy a sticky square of a stamp and place it in the corner...
open the lid on a mailbox and stuff the envelope inside.

And then....just for fun, if I perhaps happen to come across a forlorn looking phone booth with a ratty old phone book hanging from a cord, I may just dig out a quarter and call someone. Just to hear a real voice.

AND NOW....for the point in this post where IRONY and the fact of the matter comes out:

EMAIL me your address.
I would love to mail out some Christmas cards and I want to send you one.
I guess you could also text me with your address.....
Hey! You could also send me a DM on my Twitter account....

{There are so many means to stay connected, 
and yes, 
can be convenient and good.
I guess it's just the REALNESS I miss.}

Seriously....my email is dawnr@hotmail.ca
I would LOVE nothing better than to send you a card  through snail mail.
(That is.....if I remember how)

~Linking with ~Ruby Tuesday~ over here....even though it's  a Thursday post:)


Leah J. Utas said...

We're connected within our own little spheres. However, those spheres ensure we are disconnected with everyone else. It is sad.

The French Hutch said...

Wow, You nailed this connection disconnect! I could have written your rant, could be my words because I feel exactly the same. I want your real address, I will send you a Christmas card in the snail mail because I have to do this every year or I feel like somehow I've missed and important part of celebrating Christmas.
Hope you get some nice weather up there........We hit eighty degrees yesterday but some of your cold Canadian air moved in late yesterday and we've cooled down to a more normal temperature.
I'll be your newest follower........

The French Hutch

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

What I worry about is the kids that never experienced much in disconnect and may never know how to do so.

Slamdunk said...

I am with ya Dawn.

While raking leaves, I had a real conversation with a person walking their dog. I almost forgot what it was like.

Allison said...

Oh yay!!! I love this rant. Cheers to you. Oui, oui, oui!

I'll "shoot you an email" post-haste, but you'd better remind me of your address, too, because if we're going old-time, I want to play, too! xoxo

Clint said...

And how odd that this very true message came to me on a blog. That is something that didn't even exist 10 years ago. And isn't it strange that we bloggers count some of our followers as our best friends?---even though we have never met them or spoken with them...

Emily said...

AGREED! It's amazing how things have changed. I fear for the youth of today who will only know how to communicate via facebook and e-mail.

TexWisGirl said...

you've already got mine, dearheart! you made me miss my mother's letters... she's been gone 7 yrs now...

Meg said...

I agree 100% with this post! My hubby and I get so irritated when we get texts saying "I miss you!" but they don't bother calling, or dropping by... And I miss mail too! (In fact it's a joke around here how I sign up for the trial issue of magazines just so I get some mail...)

Farm Girl said...

I loved this and sent you my address.

Anonymous said...

I love this rant!

I recently wrote about wanting to send Christmas cards the old-fashioned way to my readers. I'd love to exchange cards with you!

Melissa Jo said...

I still have a love of writing cards and notes to my loved ones occassionally to let them know that I'm thinking of them. I can't tell you how many happy teary phone calls I've recieved, saying thank you. Some forms of communication mean so much more than a text or facebook post.

Samantha said...

Clint expressed my feelings completely!

I don't see the disconnection as much here. Odd. Maybe it's a small town thing.

sage said...

I would love to receive a Christmas card from you, Dawn! I do send out hand written thank you notes.

As for the phone booth, it looks mighty British... In London this summer, I passed several that looked as if they're now pimps as the inside of the booth was pasted with photos and phone numbers for escort services and the like. I meant to get a photo and never did.

Leenie said...

I so agree. I do miss being able to talk to people without being interrupted by technology. I miss real letters and face to face conversations. But, like Clint, having blog friends (like you) all over the world is priceless.

Raindrops and Daisies said...

What a great post
and I agree with every word
life has certainly changed over the years
and not all for the good.

I enjoyed your little rant Dawn.

Take care

Fiona x

Bev said...

Technology...gets me too... I could have the same rant!!

Deb said...

oh Dawn I so agree with you...I love cards and letters in the mail...we do spend too much time looking at our phones and computers...my hubby refuses to text...most of the time he doesn't even answer his cell phone...I think he might have the right idea...I would love to send you a card also...

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha... I would send you my address but I doubt whether the card would make it all the way here in time before I leave for France in just a few weeks... Have fun sending out all those cards!

Patrice said...

I just sent you my address. Wow! Real friends- not just a number on Facebook! Great post. I love the red phone booths. I saw some in England, but we don't have them here.

Debbie said...

i hope that felt good dawn, good to get that out!!

jill at http://chillinwithjill.blogspot.com/ did a mail swap recently, it was soooo fun.

i will send you my address but i want yours also....i make cards and i write notes, i want to send you one!!

when i was little, i would send 50 cents to oneida flateware company, in exchange they would send me a spoon. i did that several times and i still have those spoons. that's what i did so i would get something "special" in the mail!!

Aimee said...

I totally agree with you! Although, I also love to get little "updates" from people on FB...it's a nice way to stay connected in between the times I actually get to talk to them in person. :)

I would love a Christmas card, but I want to send one to you too! :) I'm sending you an email!

黄清华 Wong Ching Wah said...

Yes, that brings back memories ...

Ransick said...

So true. I was thinking just this weekend that I used to write my parents a letter every week when I was at college. Now I call them every week.

Texts and emails also lose context and inflection so people can take things the wrong way.

Changes in the wind said...

Oh Dawn you are so right but I must say..I don't miss sending sitting up at night writing my name on a Christmas card and addresssing it only to get one back with signed names and not note, not even Merry Christmas hand written but for everyday experiences...you hit it right on the head.

Alisa Noble said...

Yes, I agree. I think it's that combined with today's fast pace that causes us to lose the realness.

Diane AZ said...

Things sure have changed. I enjoy snail mail and FB for keeping in touch with loved ones who have moved far away. Great pictures of the old phone booth!

Kenley said...

Hey, that looked like the phone booth Dr. Who used? lol. Very good post, I love it, and you are very right on the whole matter. I hate it when I go to a restaurant, and people are looking at there phones. Enjoy the moment or something. My wife and I have an agreement were we both leave them in the car. I loved what my dad use to say, when they finally got an ansering machine. During evening family meal, if some one called he would say,......."If it's important, they will leave a message". I miss that. Take care.

Discovery Street said...

i have this conversation often...getting people to actually sit down with you for coffee, in person, is so difficult...everyone is so "busy." Yep...thats been my excuse for the past month too...i'm just as guilty. but oh how i miss when people would look you in the eye.

Buttons Thoughts said...

Well Dawn love your rant. Oh by the way that booth with the ratty old phone book with the torn pages now cost 50 cents that is half a Looney yes I think it is Looney also.(Canadian joke sorry).
I do not have Facebook or Twitter and do not use my cell phone that much.I guess I love the personal touch also. I have terrible handwriting but I am a better writer than a typer so I guess even if people can't read it, it is a very lost art I have manged to hold on to.
Oh yes most of those phone booths now do not work and the pages in the phone books are missing all but the yellow pages. Go figure.
You are so right. You are a very wise woman my dear friend. B

Buttons Thoughts said...

Oh Dawn I just wanted to say if it wasn't for this disconnected way of our new world I truly would have missed out on lovely friendships like yours. I am very happy about that.
It is a very strange world we live in the pros and cons of technology. Great post. B

Randy said...

Funny I was thinking about how it's been over three years since I got a real piece of mail. We have gotten so far out of touch. Excellent post.

Jack said...

Dawn, this topic deserves a full book, not just a quick three sentence response on your blog. But, you are so friendly and charming and positive that I can't believe you are without dozens of in- person friends to occupy you.

Jo said...

Yay!!!! I can't believe this post. I was just thinking about doing the same thing the other day. No joke. I'll be emailing you, doll.

Carole said...

I so hear what you're saying! I see couples sitting in restaurants each on their respective Blackberries, only looking up at each other occasionally. Parents too busy on their phones to watch or pay any attention to their kids. Etc, etc.

I came across an old phone booth in my area during the summer, still with phone. I believe still in working order. I do wonder if anyone uses it, and it is possible, considering the area in which it sits.

I still love to send hand made cards, letters, and the like. I still send 'thank you' notes when I receive a gift. I guess I'm 'old fashioned' that way. I get few who respond back in the same manner, usually telling me they 'don't have time'. They send an email instead. I guess it is what it is.

What is it that we spend so much of our time on that we can't keep in touch with families and friends 'the old way'. Sigh.

Kim, USA said...

Hardly we could find this telephone booth now.


Lorelle said...

Very, very well spoken!

Leah H. said...

Missing one of those when I was still in my country it is not hard to find one..

Visiting late for Ruby Tuesday! Hope you can visit me too:)


Alan said...

Darn! I should have read this weeks ago. Too late now to get one all the way to London, but what a lovely thought! Even if it is slightly ironic coming from a woman with two blogs...:-)