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Monday, January 7, 2013

Smack into Monday

A day which appears out of no where~and  after a full weekend~
 seems a bit more mundane.
Not everyone welcomes it.

I am no exception. 

Except that today~ it's different.

I ran smack into Monday this morning.

Molly and I have decided to start running together again.
This morning was run morning.
6am and it's dark. 
And cold. 

Instead of head lamps we used the Sliver of a Moon.
And about a million stars to light our country road of running.

Our polar bear of a dog clumsily runs around us, banging into our legs as we try to find our pace.
It's clear. 
And beautiful.
And did I mention cold?

Shadows fall on the road.
It's hard to tell what is real- and what is just shadow.
For a  moment my heart skips as I think I see a moose crossing the road up ahead.
Then I realize it's the dark laying shadow of uncovered gravel.

There is no sound. 
Except for the crunch of our shoes on the hard packed snow- 
and our breathing as we try to keep up with our legs.
And I guess there is also the occasional comment from one of us on the 
beauty of this perfect morning.

(Did I mention there was about a billion stars overhead?)

on the way back towards home...
as we begin to slow down because Monday is just about to begin, 
(or is it because our legs feel a tad bit tired?)...
a Star falls straight down in front of me.
One of the trillion that are shining above us.

I swear it lands at my feet.

And it is then I realized I just ran 
smack into Monday.

And I don't even care.

~Have a wonderful day.
It is Monday, after all.~


Pat Tillett said...

First off, just let me say Brrrr! I sure wish I had your drive. Cold, dark, but it still sounds like an adventure to me. Hope you had a good holiday season! Great post...

Anonymous said...

What a lovely post.


Farm Girl said...

What a great way to start Monday. Not to mention seeing all of the stars and all of the snow. That tree is just beautiful.

Out on the prairie said...

Beautiful start for your day.That early morning is always nice to be part of, or in your case named after.

Debbie said...

WoW, what a way to start the day!!

gorgeous dawn!!!

Deb said...

love this positive post Dawn...

Ransick said...

Perfect way to start the day! Well almost perfect, it could have been a little warmer :-).

Jack said...

I am impressed, Dawn. While you were out running, I would have been snuggling in the warmth. Monday would have come to me, too, just a bit more gently.

darlin said...

Dawn your description of a morning run makes me want to go running out in the country early in the morning... wait a second, yup, the feeling has passed and can wait until it warms up out there! lol Hats off to you for your dedication and commitment to running. I'm so in awe of you, you're such an inspiration!

Have a wonderful week and it's been a fantastic Monday for sure!

Johann said...

Really awesome run! We don't get snow so I have never run in it like that. I hope one day I get the chance.

Judy said...

Oh man have I been missing your posts. I didn't realize you were back blogging again...I AM SO HAPPY!

Lowell said...

Very cool post! Nice to hear from you again! A real blast from the past. I'm glad to hear you're back running. And I wish you well.

Have a wonderful and very Happy New Year!

sage said...

Good to hear you enjoying your namesake--sounds so lovely it almost makes me want to take up morning running...