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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Birthday Day

I almost forgot.....these are a couple pictures I have of my Birthday!

                                   I came down in the morning to a very
                                                    decorated waffle.

And Molly made me this banner and hung it up early....she
set her alarm to do it before I got up.
They bought me one of my favorite movies "UP", my snorkel set, a pair of hiking socks.....
Then each of them gave me something they had made.
Molly had sewn me a hoodie, Corben created a super fun game to play, and Ben gave me a perfect note on a special card he made.

I love family.
I think most days they are the only reason to get up in the morning.

And even though there are days where it seems the demands are never-ending, it is alwys worth it at the end of the day.

A couple nights ago Mike and I were out with some wonderful friends. Toward the end of the night I recieved a call from one of my kids to find out when we would be home and to say goodnight. A few minutes later our friend got a call from hers....wondering if they were ok and when they were getting home.

I was thinking how neat this is. How our kids grow up and in their own ways, show us they love us by the little things they do. Even if they don't always say it....or act like it.

And some days I really need to hold on to that thought!

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Unknown said...

That is so sweet that your kids took the time to make your birthday special and to let you know that they love you. I love that waffle with all the candles.