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Monday, February 8, 2010


So I threw an idea out to my 4 kids a few weeks ago.
"How about we try a TRIATHALON this year?????  You all have run in  a few 5km races, what's a little biking and swimming in there too?"
Guess what? They all went for it! And I honestly did not have to use one line of persuasion.
Last week we began our "training". If you can call it that.
I like things organized when it comes to working towards a final goal. And I like consistency. And I love it when everything is written down in a nice new blue binder and we can "cross out" what we have done throughout the week.
I came up with a "kind of" plan for each one of them and have incentives every so often...as well as penalties for not completing the goals listed out for each week. (Nothing severe of course....a dollar for each incomplete gets dropped in the "Tri-Fund" to help out a bit for registration:)
They all have their motivation...the prize box...which consists of goggles, swim caps, bike reflectors, wrist reflectors, bike equipment, snacks for the "competitive athlete", and so on....but I wonder if I'll need motivation throughout the next few months as well. I mean, how many times am I going to get to hear complaints, excuses, and wishes for a drop-out in registration "please"!
Yes, maybe this whole idea is crazy. Maybe it will end up in a disaster and some of my kids not liking me a few times here and there. Maybe their positive outlook on this "fun adventure to try" will blow up at me in the end. But now that we committed to it....we are.
So to hold me accountable as their "coach" (haha)...I will update every once in awhile on OUR training. Yes...I do everything they have to do - doubled at least! (If nothing else...I may end up in shape!)

Here are our totals covering the first 6 days of "training":
Combined....we have run 13 miles, swam 46 laps in the pool, and biked 50 minutes on a stationary bike. Woot! GO TEAM!

(oh boy....it's going to be a long few months....)


LindyLou said...

Hi! What a great idea a TRYathalon, maybe you will come and do the one out our way!!!

Dawn said...

That is a perfect idea! I'll work the team that way;) hehe..
miss u