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Tuesday, February 23, 2010


"Why can't people hear and interpret words the way I actually mean them?"

The question I sit and think about on this gray morning- and have been thinking of for a while now. It seems as though I have gotten myself into a bit of hot water lately in several issues...all because of words. Whether on paper or hanging out in the air, I am not good with keeping a lid on it!

A few thoughts and questions on words I toss around wildly in my head at times like this, would be as follows:

~Would it be that hard to invent liquid paper for words that are in the air? I mean- it would be incredibly wonderful to quickly erase the words as soon as they came out if they sounded wrong.

~I wish that words sounded the same when I write them down, as they do when I actually voice them.
And even in writing I blunder...sending comments or e-mails, only to cringe every time I realize just what that must have sounded like to the person recieving my words.

~I wish I had more of a positive vocabulary of words than I did negative.

~Why do words carry so much weight?

~Can't there be a way to interpret my words to others so they understood what it was i was REALLY trying to get across? Why can't people hear and interpret words as I actually mean them in my heart?

I sometimes sit and go over and over what I have said, or typed, and I wish there was a net to capture words back .....

Another option would be my son's Nature Journal entry the other day....Filter Feeders in the ocean.
These Barrel Sponges suck in ocean water, filter out debris and tiny animals -which they eat- and then squirt the clean water back out into the ocean.
Without these filters the water would be a filthy mess....probably similar to the ones I get into.

Could I not capture one of these Strawberry Barrel Sponges and tack it on to me in someway? Oh how I wish I could....

Of course, we all know this could be resolved if only I kept my mouth shut.
Or....truly thought about what it was I was going to say or type- work it into a way that could at least come close to how I truly felt- and maybe by THAT time- I wouldn't feel the need to say it at all!

What a concept.

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our little love nest said...

Fully relate to this post, cuz!!
I keep praying God will make my words and actions seasoned with his love that I won't bring harm or hurt to anyone! xo