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Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday is Here!

Another week gone...and Friday night is almost here.
I've been looking forward to Friday night since my birthday.
That's when I got 2 tickets to the play Wuthering Heights at a college in the city.
And the show is finally tonight.

I loved reading Wuthering Heights, as I enjoy all "Bronte writings".
There is something magical to me in these books.
They make me wish I lived way back then....AND- they make me wish I could write like that!

Another good part to tonight...is that I get to share the evening with my mom and dad. He got tickets for his birthday too, which is today!

And this leads me to the reason for this post of today.

Dear Dad,
I just wanted to thank you for being the Dad you are.

The dad ....
...who took me fishing when I was little, on the lake in the early morning.
Who taught me what it is to be respectful of others and work hard.
Who makes us all laugh with his sense of humor and goofiness.
Who has been an incredible model to all of us- in the way of loyalty to family and always putting family First.
Who built a real tree house for my kids.
Who teaches my kids art, woodworking, and fly-tieing.
Who is always willing to give up your time for any of us.

You are an amazing father and an incredible Pops.

Have a wonderful Birthday, Dad.
Love ya lots,

Wishing you all a Happy Weekend!

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