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Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Existence(?) of Right and Wrong

A friend lent me a book... just a fun-lighthearted read titled, "The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency", written by Alexander McCall Smith.

I read a paragraph in there today which struck me as very true. As the lady in the book was telling "part of her story" regarding her country and the downfall of it, she made the following comment:

"The problem, of course, was that people did not understand the difference between right and wrong. They needed to be reminded about this, because if you left it to them to work out for themselves, they would never bother. They would just find out what was best for them, and then they would call that the right thing. That's how most people thought."

How much of a chance do you think there is, that THIS is exactly what's wrong with our world today?
Right and wrong is no longer defined...it's become a haze...a smog that surrounds us.

And we all seem to have been caught in it, and now are merely trying to find a way to stumble through it.

OR,  do we think our own world IS clearly defined by our own sense of right and wrong, and really all we've done is created our own standards so they work for us.

The TRUTH...the REAL RIGHT and WRONG....is it even out there anymore.....????? Can anyone see it in our world?

This is just my own humble thought for today.


Unknown said...

Hi Dawn,
Good to come here and read again. It's been a little while. I see the world as turning upside down. Right is considered wrong and Wrong is considered right. The lines have been skewed. Yes, that is what is wrong with families and relationships sometimes I think. Who's moral guide do we follow, our own or God's?

Dawn said...

I believe everyone is following their own guide...and making it up along the way too! Crazy world ...makes you a little dizzy sometimes, hey?