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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Tri-update #2

Well after 21 days, we are still really enjoying our training for the triathalon this spring. And I haven't told the kids yet...but I found another one in May we can do!
(Seeing as we're doing this "training", we may as well use it for more than one race.
It only makes sense!)

Our totals after 21 days:

41 miles of running

2300 metres swimming

105 minutes on the bike

I think that I was expecting to have more resistance to all this excercise than there has been.
So far I've handed out 4 prizes for completion points, and we only have $3 in our non-completion jar. I thought I would have more money in the jar by now to help pay for registration fees. At this rate, I will have to fundraise to pay for all these triathalons:)

Well...I'm off to sign us up for the new race I found.
(No one tell the kids until I've filled out the forms and get them mailed, ok?)

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raveninthewolfden said...

Wow! I am not much of a runner, but I certainly try. But you got UMPH, girl! You got UMPH! and UMPH is a good thing in my book!