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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Remedy for a Jumbled Mind

I was just sitting here doing nothing but thinking about life and all its heartaches....and eating cinnamon hearts. You know those hard little candies that are really spicy and come out around February 14th?
I buy them by the bagfuls this time of year. And I eat them that way too....(not healthy but it's the truth:)

I had just finished tucking all 4 kids in bed...when I had this urge to do a candy throw. Does anyone else get these urges???
Please say yes:)
I started by throwing a few...and within minutes the noise brought one, then 2, then all the kids into the hallway wondering what I was doing. Handfuls of candy hearts flew up  in the air and bounced everywhere...into rooms and down the hallway, down the stairs. Molly had them falling out of her hair every time she took a step.
It was wonderful. And the sound was lovely.
The entire bag was emptied.
The kids all got out of bed for a late nite bit of fun.
I threw the bag by handfuls into the air and the noise those hundreds of hearts made bouncing  everywhere was stress relieving -along with all the laughter.
And now, they are no longer being eaten by me and turning into calories I don't need.

Best of all.....my jumbled thoughts have stopped.

What a good candy throw won't do!
Sometimes life gets too serious.

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our little love nest said...

Love it, cousin!! I think the inner child in us is in need of a good outlet. What a great way to let it out. xoxo