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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Just for FuN?

What do we think is fun?
Fun may be in the eye of the beholder...or rather in the individual partaker.

Aren't personalities interesting?
What is fun to one may be a drudgery to others....

I love PIT! But....I know people who would never want play.

Some may think it fun to talk on a banana....others would just want to eat it.

I have to admit I love dancing to this music....
but don't really enjoy sitting thru the entire duration of the movie.

Do most people love parties?

Some like drinking the soda....others have fun using the bottle caps.

Science Projects....me- no thank you.
My 10 year old.... everyday.

To canoe or not to canoe.
Some just like the pictures.

Interesting poster art.

Do not know if he was considering this "fun".
But he did peel a lot of potatoes for this meal...which made
 it a lot more fun for me:)

Running for an hour...or 2...at a time.
It CAN be fun.

What do YOU think is fun?


Unknown said...

Parties are fun and games are fun, but I'm not so sure about peeling potatos and running, that's just a necessity.

Dawn said...

Hehe....I guess it would depend on the reason for why you were running too.... Down the driveway to get letters from the mailbox would be ok, wouldn't it? Running away from a vicious dog or to get away from a moose on the road- not fun!
Have a good day Melissa! :)