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Monday, February 1, 2010


I have a few fears. 
One of them is that I am claustrophobic. 
Another is of things grabbing my feet when I'm in a lake or ocean. 
And I absolutely HATE being in small places underground or under any type of something heavy...especially rock ceilings.
These 3 fears I confronted on a day out snorkeling.

This picture was taken the day I left for Mexico....the kids bought me a snorkel, flippers, and mask for my Birthday. This was the first time I had ever worn one and the only practice I got. 
Some  may think that this isn't a big deal. But when you are claustrophobic and it is a HUGE fear in you...

I always see things I think I would absolutely love to do....and wish I could try them. But when it actually comes right down to it, fear usually stops me in my tracks. And I let it.
This time I was absolutely determined not to let my fear of being closed in...even if it was a mere mask on my face and snorkel in my mouth....take control.

At first shot in the ocean water, I panicked.....there was NO WAY I could do it. I even took my stuff off and got out of the water...thinking in my head that snorkeling was probably over-rated anyhow. I could go find other things to do.
Then it hit me. If I didn't do it now I never would...or at least it would even be harder the next time I ever tried to do it.
I put the mask on, the snorkel in my mouth, and I stuck my head under the water. 
After I hyperventilated for a minute, I gained control of my breathing (and my head), and .....I saw fish. Beautiful fish....and rocks, and coral, and plants you never see anywhere else.
It was incredible for me.

Then I swam to where I never dreamt I would go...ever. (Given my fears I have that are so real to me.)
I swam...into a cave. And I sat under a roof of rock. And had my picture taken.
Don't ask how I managed to breath properly....my heart was racing the entire time I was in that cave.
But I did it.
I actually beat my fear and did something I thought I would hate. 
I beat my claustrophobia....and my fear of low-down (rock) ceilings that could land on my head...and my fear of something grabbing me while in the water.

Just think if I could do this with all the areas of fear in my life. 
How much I could conquer....how much I could accomplish...how far I could go and do and be what it is I'm supposed to do and be.


Unknown said...

That's awesome Dawn. I had that same fear when I went to Hawaii about 18 years ago. It's hard to make yourself breath in one of those contraptions, when you know your not supposed to breath under water, but after I told myself to calm down, I noticed all the beauty under water. Looks like you've got the right optimistic attitude. It's always more comfortable to stay home in our comfortable place, but after we just take a step into that new place where we might be afraid, we can usually say, that wasn't as scary as I thought it would be or that wasn't scary at all.

our little love nest said...

Wonderful!!! I am trying to conquer my fears of being trapped here in the South forever. It has been almost 4 years since I was in Canada....aaack.
Wishing you the best!! xoxo

Dawn said...

FOUR years ALREADY??? Did it go fast? Well it seems as though you fit there quite perfectly-but even though we SEEM to conquer sometimes the heart rebels....I really hope you can come back to visit sometime soon. And WHEN you do PLEASE let me know. You are a very favorite cousin.
Love ya lots

Allison said...

Just came upon this post, and LOVE it! :D

Full-On-Forward said...

HIGH FIVE o Fearless one!


Pat Tillett said...

That fear involving water is called Depth Bathophobia. I know because I have it. I used to scuba dive all the time and always had to fight it. If you have the time or inclination, here's a link to my post on that phobia of mine(and a couple of others).