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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

our Canadian lakes adventure

I started to a new post this morning, but honestly? My heart isn't quite in it.
I am perfectly fine and happy, but it has been snowing since Saturday night here....and the white stuff is piled up to my windows in some places. Last night I got stuck in a driveway, and coming home from a  meeting, my son got stuck in the middle of the road. My driveway was plowed out last night- but by the looks of things I may need someone to come back again.
And it's still snowing.
And so....what more do I post? My heart needs some color. I am a wee bit tired of the white photos.
I went through the archives and pulled out our favorite Canoe Adventure and thought I would share it again.....
and on this blustery day I will pretend I am in my canoe surrounded by blue!

We're just returned from a perfectly wonderful trip to the mountains. Paddling our canoe and kayak in 3 beautiful mountain lakes......the trip was filled with AMAZING scenery & weather.

The first lake ~Lake Louise...
was where Adam took part in a Rowing Camp. 
(Molly even got to row in a double with her brother.)

The next day we plunked ourselves into Morraine Lake....another perfect paddling expedition. 

We saw waterfalls and glaciers hanging above us, and the lake trout jumped by every so often. 
The water was so cold, the bottom of the canoe felt like an ice pack on our bare feet.
I don't think anyone minded.

Travel into Yoho National Park, brings amazing finds.
One of them included our 3rd and last canoe adventure~ Emerald Lake.
This was definitely the warmest lake...and once we got to the other side of it ~were so hot we all had to jump in for a swim. 
The cleanest water we've ever swam in....and it felt surreal....being surrounded by mountains covered in snow.

~If that trip was all I ever used the canoe~ for it was well worth it!~

{We're planning another canoe adventure for this coming summer....and yes~ I KNOW summer will come.}


LindyLou said...

Looks beautiful!!! Glad you had a fun weekend!!!

Richard Powell said...

Wow, I can't imagine. That must have been a wonderful experience. My friend James and I hope to take our canoes through the East Kootenays and into the Banff and Jasper area some day.Morraine Lake has always been one of our "dream paddles." Good for you to have done it! Great photos too.

maryelizabethroche said...

The scenery is awesome!
You're a brave soul....every boat I get into seems to capsize!!

Fit With Flash said...

I'm sorry about your snow. Sending warm weather thoughts your way! If you wanna come visit Spring, you let me know! : )

wayne15575 said...

What a wonderful trip. I loved it. I really like the family shot in the boat...lovely family too Dawn. They all look well loved.

Debbie said...

good idea to post these beautiful pictures, i really enjoyed them!!!!

MDScaper said...

Dawn, certainly you are all a hardy bunch to live in such a harsh climate. However winter can wear on all of us, wherever we live. And summer as well! I know that after just a few days of hot and humid weather I yearn for the cool days of the fall. The pictures are amazing--it's no wonder that you brave the winter to be able to enjoy the outdoors among such spectacular scenery.

Leontien said...

Great pics and YES i understand!!! We are ready for SPRING!!!


Randy said...

We had snow today too. Unlike yours it was gone by 9am. Just when it was getting warm I am not in my favorite flannel shirt. Keep thinking Spring, it will come soon. Great shots!

Allison said...

That color is wonderful! Emerald Lake? It is a DREAM and it shall come to you again! Remember me sending vibes your way... "grass - grass- grass"!!

bon bon said...

looked like a wonderful outing according to all those smiles in image 2!

Alan said...

I've been to Lake Louise 3 times in the winter, but never in the summer. Your photos remind me just why I have to do it soon! Lovely photos Dawn!

Maelgi said...
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Maelgi said...

I found you a pleasure. my country has lakes and mountains equal to your Canada.
your country and Australia are my favorites, by nature.
feet of snow!. from the South American continent. Argentina

GardenOfDaisies said...

LOVE!!! LOVE!!! LOVE!!! Three of my favorite places on earth!!!